Some of the coolest things to collect.

Pop! vinyl toys

Some of the coolest things to collect.

These things are pretty cool, And they make one of almost anything from pop culture you can think of.

Horror action figures and collectible statues

There are so many horror toys out there, And I love them all! McFarlane still makes the coolest ones.

XXX action figures

Hard Plastic. Like Barbie, Just nastier and with a lot more detail!

Horror comic books

I love all comic books, But collect the hell out of horror comics.

Medieval Weapons

Vintage games

Classic bikes

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  • PWOAHHHH! I want to collect those Pop Vinyl Toys! I see them in EB and there are like $19.95 for one *cries*
    They even have ones that bobbles (their heads) haha

    I don't really own any Action figurines.. I own 3 Swarovski dragons if that counts lol

    Medieval weapons.. mmm I own an axe used for Cosplay lol

    Motorbikes.. mm I did own a cbx250 which is a collectible, but i got rid of that and several other motorbikes so I can own one bike. A good motorbike mate of mine owns 6 Indian scouts. Some of them have rust on the frames. One of them is in mint condition. He was going to give me one (one with the rusty frame). I don't really know if i want it though, but if i restored the whole thing, i could get more then $45,000 for it. I could sell the frame alone for $5,000, that's how much "rare and a collectible they are" mm maybe i should ask my mate if his still giving me one.. ahaha


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  • For weapons you will typically need permits and proper documentations and licensing according to your local laws. But then again I don't know where you currently are and how strict those rules are on weapons ownership.

    Also, I think it would best to have those weapons properly secured and hidden as much as possible rather than out in the open displaying them unless you are trying to make your own private weapons museum or something.

    As for the much older vintage video games, I think they are great and all but the amount of space that they would take up, since back then it wasn't so digital and electronically distributed and stored I would think more people would rather just stick with emulator software and roms instead. You can have thousands or tens of thousands of roms that would fit on a hard drive or DVD disc and not have to make space for all those systems and their cartridges and discs.

    As for the rest, I think they are good to look at for some time, but I'd just sell them back to the highest bidder if possible. Would probably take up a whole basement and/or garage just to store them or I'd have to rent a private storage location or something.


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  • Cool, I like collecting horror comics video games, and action figures, I also have a bike, it's not classic, but it's very fast... and as for the weapons, I have nunchaku, wooden katana and crossbow.

  • ilike collecting leaves

  • Or you can just collect money and buy something that won't sit on the shelf covered in dust.

    • Money not spent just collects dusts itself.

    • Didn't I say, buy something that won't sit on the shelf covered in dust.

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