I am a liberal, and I might vote for Trump

I am a liberal, and I might vote for TrumpI am as big of a Bernie Sanders supporter as they come. I volunteered for his campaign and did a brutal tour trying to convince voters to support him in a red state.

I think it's likely that between the DNC hating Sanders, the mainstream media supporting Hillary Clinton, with it's 2 minutes of hate for Sanders, her celebrity compared to Bernie's obscurity, and her endless campaign millions sponsored by wall street, Hillary Clinton is going to get the nomination.

She is a right wing candidate. We are at the point in history where the myth that the DNC is in any way progressive is authentic, and not just rhetoric. The Republican base seems to have already figured out that the RNC is a farce, along with their preferred candidates, and this is why Trump is destroying the other candidates, on that side.

It is in plain view that HIllary Clinton is a Wall Street candidate. She is in favor of continuing to allow banks to gamble with depositor money. The practice that collapsed the economy in 2008, of which we are yet to recover from. This policy will guarantee another crisis in the future, and it will not be the same. We might not survive it as a country, if that happens. Just all around she is a Wall Street socialite. She means well, just like Obama, but she is not the revolutionary thinker we need to save ourselves. She is part of the same system that got us to this precarious point.

Trump is an asshole lunatic that seems to be only in it for the bragging rights and ego. It doesn't seem like he is beholden to that corrupt system that is racing us towards a cliff. He may do so, anyway, in his own way, and he may even make things words, but it's a case of "maybe" vs "it's certain". It's certain the Hillary Clinton and the rest of the establishment will continue to press the accelerator while we drive towards a cliff. She will tell us that opening a window will slow us down.

No, thanks. Trump is a scary proposition, but so is chemotherapy. I see this as a case between engaging is a terribly risky choice that is likely to end in disaster, vs. doing nothing and being sure that it will end in disaster.

If Hillary becomes president, we have no hope of running a dedicated progressive until 2024. If Trump wins, we have a shot at keeping out he establishment, and running a progressive in 2020. For this reason, I am seriously considering voting for Trump, if Hillary gets the nomination. I know Bernie himself would loathe this decision, but I have to do what I think is right.

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  • trump is a wildcard but that's ok with me.

    people trying to blame all the bad things that have ever happened to mankind on bush disgust me.

    • Whoever does that is stupid, but I suspect nobody does that. Bush caused a lot of damage. That's a fact.

  • I could never stand behind a man who retweets white supremacists, quotes Mussolini and revels in violence at his rallies.

    • I'm not standing behind him. I'm standing against the other side, which I consider more harmful. He's just a rabid dog.

    • You don't let a wild dog loose among foreign diplomats. What are we, Russia?

    • Hopefully, the rest of the government can pile on him if he tries anything crazy. With Hillary, the rest of the system is in agreement with her enabling fraud.

  • If you don't like either of them then don't fuckin vote. The idea of voting for someone is just that voting FOR them.

    I hate trump, Clinton, Cruz, Rubio. Sanders is cool but your right cause he's not gonna win.

    You should do what I'm doing. Fuck voting, and Stock up on canned food and bullets and wait for whoevers apocalypse comes first.

    • I stated my reasons. It's kind of rude to ignore them.

      As far as canned goods, sorry, but I'm not a prepper because I have an IQ higher than 80. I believe in reality.

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    • Well look at you. I'm glad you have all the money in the world and can just quit your job, pack up your whole life, and move to a completely different country. But for the rest of us, we don't have that luxury. We live paycheck to paycheck, we have lease contracts, mortgages, cars that aren't paid for, schooling to finish, kids and family.

      Childish? It's called life shithead, that's just the way it goes. we pay for everything, and your vote means nothing.

    • I never said that. I said that if the country became as bad as that, it would be an improvement to start from nothing somewhere else.

      Yes, it's childish and stupid to believe buying a lot of groceries and rubbing guns at night would protect you from the "apocalypse". But go ahead and believe whatever cartoon plot you want to believe. Not like anybody can stop you.

  • Voting for Trump because something good could happen is reckless, he has done nothing but indicate how terrible he would be as president and how much he would strain ties with our allies, alienate our minority citizens, stir the fires, and condone violence.
    Now, this may be great if you're not a minority in America, allie to America, or protester, because he is happy to pay the medical bills of those who do the dirty work for him, then you're great :)
    Hillary Clinton isn't a volatile narcissist with no political experience who condones war crimes against the families of bad people.
    You can say everything you want about her, but she wouldn't ruin things like he would. She won't divide people like he would. She wouldn't isolate us from our allies.

    • I can say everything that's true about her, and you can dismiss it with some trite rhetoric.

    • If the things about him are true, which they are, it's true. It doesn't matter how much you hear it, the truth is the truth.
      If you think the terrible things about him are of no importance than just be more upfront about it, "I'm ok with a candidate that condones violence, xenophobia, and war crimes."

    • This is about HC not Trump.

  • Most other countries see him as a joke and genuinely thought it was satire when he first started running. The comments he has come out with, again, were thought to be satire or just purely made up to slander him til he confirmed it was true.
    Not being rude or anything, but things like this are part of the reason people think America is backwards. It's one of the most backwards advanced countries.

    • But this is more about Hillary Clinton than Trump.

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    • Because we made it so, we built back up Europe and Japan. Both only exist because we gave you the money to rebuild.

    • @Electronica What do you mean "you"? I'm not European or Japanese. And, yes, that was my point. But it wasn't about the money. Money is a fictional asset. The bottom line is that the industrialized world got destroyed by WW2, and so the US steps in to get wealthy. Also, the leftist policies after WW2 boomed the middle class and the productivity.

  • Even though I am a conservative, I do agree with some of your points. The main one being that the political parties have way too much "inside control." I believe that Americans are smart enough to make their own choice. Sometimes when it comes to voting, you will have to choose the lesser of two evils.

  • As much as I would love to see a woman become president I can't bring myself to vote for Hillary for essentially your stated reasons.

    Trump would actually be worse. As I mentioned elsewhere, there really isn't a significant difference politically between Hillary and Trump. However, Hillary does have considerably more experience and I suspect that she doesn't have quite the ego he does and has a bit more sense and judgement.

    I'll not be voting for Sanders either. I'll be voting for Jill Stein.

    • Experience means nothing without results. It's just resume padding.

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    • Doesn't matter about the mechanics of government. They've got advisors for that. It's radical policies they rubber stamp and put their name to that's all that counts. Hilary would privatise anything left that's public for the sake of business. She'd have you paying a private corporation for fresh air and the right to walk on a pavement. Not to mention she's already said she wants access to everybodies private information. She'll bring in total fascism for the sake of profit. It's bad now it'll get a hundred times worse under her. Nobody learn the lesson with her man in charge.

    • What isn't proven has been stated several times.

  • I think that's entirely the wrong decision. Not that I can vote in your elections as a Canadian, but anyone but Trump would be better. We don't want to deal with Nouveau-Hitler. Vote for someone responsible. Literally anyone is less volatile than the corn cob man.

    • Someone responsible? That would not be Hillary Clinton, for the reasons I have stated. Is it responsible to protect the sort of practices that already collapsed the economy, so they can happen again?

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    • Hey, if you want to be an international laughing stock causing wars and getting your country destroyed because everyone hates you, go right ahead. I live far enough north that the fallout won't affect me.

    • What a trite response. This has all been covered. If you want to engage the specifics of what has been said, feel free, anytime.

  • You are not alone. See below. www.theguardian.com/.../secret-donald-trump-voters-speak-out

    The Occupy protester turned Trump supporter (24, New York)
    ‘His candidacy is ripping the soul of America apart – we deserve it’

    I work in a liberal arts department. I’ve read the works of Karl Marx, Herbert Marcuse, John Stuart Mill, Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato, Judith Butler, Simone de Beauvoir, Michel Foucault and so on. I am more inclined to listen to what Slavoj Žižek or Noam Chomsky have to say about current affairs than Rachel Maddow or Bill O’Reilly. If one were to take account of my demographics, the smart money would be to peg me for a Bernie Sanders supporter.

    My interest in politics did not truly develop into an intellectually mature form until 2011, when Occupy Wall Street broke out as a populist leftist grass roots movement to combat the evils of unrestricted robber baron capitalism.

    Early in 2014 I began concealing my political opinions from people, and it was shortly after this time that I began plotting to vote Republican in hopes that the party would send the country so far in the direction of complete unrestricted neoliberalism and libertarian free market superstition that Americans would come to recognize the dangers of these ideologies and eventually reject them.

    I don’t find conversations about how morally repugnant Trump is to be interesting when the rest of the candidates seem to also support imperialistic and fascist policies concerning drone strikes, torture and mass surveillance.

    I don’t agree with discussions of how Trump is making the national dialogue more base and vulgar when Obama has instated common core standards to gear humanities education in public schooling to be teaching children how to read memos, rather than cultivating critical thinking skills that would allow them to understand subtle arguments.

    Do I like Trump’s platform? No, I think most of it is silly and misguided, but at least it is not the same bullshit casserole that has been on the menu in Washington DC for as long as I have been alive.

    His candidacy is a happy accident that is currently ripping the soul of America apart, which is something that I think we desperately need (and deserve) at this time in our history, for better or for worse. I support whatever strange gods happen to be behind his candidacy, for, as Martin Heidegger proclaimed in his famous Der Speigel interview, although for slightly different reasons, “Only a God can save us.”

    • The gods responsible for his candidacy is the republican propagandists. For decades, they broadcast the sort of cockamamie rhetoric that brainwashed some people into finding Trump genuinely appealing. They created that frankenstein's monster, and now it appears he's going to destroy them. The last debate in Michigan was priceless. You can mark it as the turning point when the GOP/Foxnews take their gloves off and get serious with Trump.

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    • 6d

      @Curmudgeon Trump's Goldman Sacks administration thinks otherwise, i. e., pro-globalist etc. Trump is all things to all people. Yet, his actions show he will be primarily Pro-Wall Street, with an occasional press conference of opening a factory that will close once he leaves office. Looks like that guy in the Guardian had a point.

    • 1d

      In politics there is a saying, "Better to have one of them inside the tent, pissing out, than outside the tent, pissing in."

      I suspect having one Goldman Sachs insider in the cabinet, just to know what they are up to, cannot hurt.

      Still, the focus of the administration, and just about all other Trump appointees, appear to be nationalist rather than globalist.

  • I feel like at least with Trump we'd know what we were getting

    • Well he doesn't hide being a loudmouth know-nothing. But the key thing is that he doesn't seem to have people pulling his strings, unlike HC.

    • I think trump has been less clear than any candidate. Just in this campaign he has had completely opposite opinions on healthcare, rounding up immigrants, banning muslims and so on. The only thing I can say he has been consistent on is building a wall, and saying were going to win again

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  • But if (and he has no chance) but still, if Trump became president. And when he of course screws up literally everything, all the Republicans will say Ohh he's not really one of us. So I don't think the momentum position between political parties stands too strong tbh.

    • Mock Trump and say he has no chance, same as they did to Ronald Reagan.

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    • Then you need to form a new constitution and introduce real democracy.

      The court must be non political and simply uphold existing laws (and so must the police), or you won't have a democratic state at all.

    • @oracle12c We'll get right on that. We are also going to do only Good Things™, not Bad things.

  • Let's just hope Good Ol' Bernie gets this. Between the devil and the deep blue sea here, buddy.

    • For sure. The people afraid of Trump best hope that Bernie gets the nom. Even if people like me abstained from voting, Trump still has a very good chance of schmoozing the public into beating HC.

    • Yeah, I know. It concerns me.

  • I knew some Bernie voters would switch over to Trump.
    Believe it or not, Trump has actually criticized Wall Street on a few occasions so he may still have qualities you like.

    • It's true that he has said he would support a public option, and he has ostensibly criticized the general state of cronyism. I don't necessarily believe what he says, but I might be willing to reward his circus act, and to punish those on record as being against them, or flip-flopping on them.

    • Yeah but he's actually a big time investor so he's really more pro wallstreet than he leads on to believe He's just like Clinton. I can't believe that people don't realize that you can still be establishment without being a politician. He also thinks the minimum wage is too high which is the dumbest thing I ever heard.

    • @EvilPimp He's a joker, for sure, but one thing is certain: both the RNC and the DNC hate his guts. If Bernie loses, we're at the point where damaging these cabals is worth almost anything.

  • Anyone who would vote for Trump must be clinically derranged. I'm a Bernie supporter, and I know that Hillary would destroy us if she wins, but Trump will make WWIII a certain reality.

    This is the guy who's been sued twice by the Justice Department for refusing to rent his hotel rooms to blacks. This is the guy who refers to minorities as "the blacks," "the Hispanics," and "the Jews." This is the guy who's gone bankrupt more than once.

    I can't trust this already feable nation in the hands of a total fool pretending he's more financially stable than he really is. Not to mention, he has no good intentions for people of other races. And even the military themselves have said if he becomes president they will not answer to him.

    I think you can see where this is going.

    • Under which criteria are you finding Trump a worse warmonger than HC?

      Did Trump help create ISIS by voting for an illegal war or two?

      As far as the minorities rhetoric, that's all it is, at this point. Are you aware that in the 90s, Hillary pushed for policies that ended up causing a record percentage of the black population in prison?

      And the centerpiece is her opposition to Glass-Steagall. If you don't think a repeat of the 2008 collapse is serious and an existential threat, you are living in a bubble.

      Bottom line is Trump vs HC; rhetoric vs record.

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    • And by "minorities rhetoric", I was referring to the topic of the rhetoric and policy about minorities.

    • @asker don't forget, Hillary voted for the war in Iraq, supposedly without "reading" it. Wow, talk about an incompetent commander and chief. "Oh sorry China, I did give the order to nuke you, but I didn't read it, so it doesn't count." LMAO.

  • Voting for Trump is like having no cancer but asking chemotherapy when having a headache because one hates Aspirine.

  • I can't vote since I'm not American, but I feel your struggle to choose if it comes down to Hillary and Trump.
    I don't see Hillary getting America to where it belongs... but I don't see Trump doing that either, he doesn't really say how he's gonna make America great.

    Bernie is obviously the best option, and I wish people would see that, instead of voting for a guy that promises something he doesn't know how to achieve, and for a person who's just being elected because of their genitals, and not their brain.

    • Yes, Trump is a clown, but Hillary is already vowed to serve her bankster friends, and she is better than Trump at scamming people. More people will believe Hillary Clinton's lies than Trump's.

    • Bernie is the most dangerous of all. Hilary and Trump are bad, but at least they're primarily in it for themselves and aren't going to do a while lot to change things as long as they can give a few favors to their friends.

      Bernie Claus on the other hand, wants socialism. He's an ignorant fool that refuses to understand that socialism eventually leads to fascism and fascism eventually leads to 10s of millions of government caused deaths and murders.

    • @Ratiocinative If you want to debate the policy specifics of Bernie Sanders, by all means, let me know. Elaborate. If you just want to spout ad hominens, have fun.

  • Hmmm. Interesting perspective. If it does come down to Hillary or Trump, it really is the South Park case of the elections always being between a turd sandwich and a douchebag. Neither one of them appear to have a soul. Hillary is an emotionless corporate pawn who says what she needs to say because that's what people want to hear. Trump is a blithering racist, sexist, psychopathic fool who treats the Presidential election like a reality T. V. show. The truly scary thing is how much support he's gotten. If the Republican nominee would have been Ben Carson or possibly Chris Christie, I would have breathed a least a small sigh of relief. But nope. Cruz and Trump.

    But. End of the day. I would rather have Hillary than Trump. She's basically Obama 2.0. You can see the various healthcare organizations that donated to Obama's campaign, in 2008 at least. Ironically, he goes take backsies on his single payer healthcare system which he ran on, now insurance companies suddenly get a lot more government enforced business, and the government gets a bit more in taxes. But the entire country didn't fall apart.

    At this point, most hope is lost. As for change. Another 10-15 years and the baby boomers will die off. In my opinion, they are the source of this lunacy. Once they go, things will get better. We'll pick up their mess. I have much more faith in Gen X and Millennials.

    • Ben Carson was simply incompetent, in every way. I don't think he would be any better than the rest. Trump as least shows he knows marketing and showmanship. No sensible, independent candidate on the RNC would have made it past the first day. It's totally possible that Trump understands the base and is only marketing his rhetoric in that direction.

      The people get the candidates they deserve.

      I've yet to hear a cogent argument against Bernie Sanders, and in favor of Hillary Clinton. The democrats thought they were so much smarter and wiser than the Bush crowd, but they've proven to be just as empty and half-witted.

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    • "Even if Carson is essentially incompetent, I would have chosen him over Trump. Trump is pretty much incompetent in every way except showmanship."

      Your words, not mine. No amount of sobriety can change those words.

    • Righto pal. You keep that intellectual superiority complex healthy by cherry picking. I'm sure it will make you sleep better at night.

  • No, Never vote for trump, he's a con-artist, he has said stuff about the government doesn't have enough control, and makes fun of people all the time, he's like a 5 year old on stage

    • The entire establishment is a con.

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    • Whatever if you don't know what he's done you don't know enough about Ohio, and all I was trying to do is explain to you the danger Donald Trump poses to our country, but I guess I didn't say enough, the Wall he wants to build will take crap tons of money, his economic plan will probably make our country one of the poorest, because he's basically lowering the amount of trade between other countries and us, and there's more I can list

    • I know all the important things about Kasich. He is anti-choice and tries to take credit for whatever economic improvements were seen. Trump talks about his nuttiness, while someone like Kasich has done it.

  • Cool, I respect that idea actually, except I don't want a "real progressive" to win either. I don't want a state at all :D

  • TRUMP IS A WASHINGTON INSIDER. He's voted for and has been a donor For wall street establishment democrats and republicans (Romney, Clinton) in the past. He knows and has relationships with politicians in Washington and wallstreet. With Trump and Clinton being the nominees, WE ARE FUCKED in America.

    • Well the democratic retards should have voted for Sanders, but they proved to be as bad, if not worse than double Bush voters.

  • And don't forget her defending a known pedophile and laughing about getting him the best deal possible on phone during her lawyer times:


    • People won't care about that. Stop with this. The stuff she admits about enabling and protecting financial fraud is far more devastating.

  • Interesting and very insightful response for a guy your age. I have always considered myself a "thoughtful" conservative. I almost considered voting for Obama in 2008 because I believe in political balance. However when 2012 rolled around I wanted to get him the hell out of there.

    Politics is much bigger than the oval office. Congress and local politicians have more impact on our lives than most citizens have the slightest clue about. However the POTUS stands as prominent icon for the culture and zeitgeist of our country. His/her stances and personality DO make a long term impact on society.

    I am disgusted with Obama's following choices: inviting a muslim kid to the white house to show his "clock" that LOOKED like bomb, his incessant pushing to make obamacare law, inviting a Army deserter's (possibly traitor) parents to the rose garden, lighting up the white house like a bowl of fruit loops after the SCOTUS ruling (but waited 5 days to lower the flags to half mast after the chatanooga, TN shootings), allowing syrian refugees that could be hiding terrorists into the USA, ad nausem. But that's not the worst of it. It's the fact that hollywood, public education and the main stream media have worshiped him like a demigod just because he is black. It doesn't matter if what race/gender he is. He is a flesh and blood man who is prone to errors and duplicity just like any white man or woman. He is NOT special. I'm also disgusted by how the culture and masses have blinded followed his PC rhetoric to the point I'm afraid of losing my job if I ever publicly posted anything that goes against the liberal tow (I sure as hell wouldn't put this on my FB page). However libs get all the leeway in the world to speak their mind publicly.

    Trump wasn't my first choice. He's a bully and he's not proposing resolutions to go along with his draconian ideas. Want to build a border wall? Fine. But what about the decent mexican immigrants who want to come here the right way, but are stuck in government red tape? Want to ban muslims from coming in this country? Fine. But how long and how are we going to decide the which ones have good intentions
    or not?

    I don't agree with Trump but I UNDERSTAND why he is popular. There is a large segment of Americans who are fed up with political correctness and finally he is giving us a STRONG voice.

    • I only overlap with Trump supporters in that HC is a terrible candidate. We differ on the reasons. Sadly, many of them will still attack Obama from the right, driven by the same ignorance that makes people vote for Clinton over Sanders. This is where we disagree. Obama is to the right of Reagan, if we look empirically at his overall doctrine. Every indication is that HC will be a 3rd Obama term.

      And I am aware that I might be making a deal with the devil in supporting Trump, but if the intent is for him to beat HC, I am certain you will not gain any politically-foreign support by attacking her from the right, and you will likely lose some support. If there are any left leaning policy positions that your side has (and according to the polls, there are), you should prioritize those arguments. That is HC's weak spot, so that's some free advice.

  • Why would you knowingly vote for a hate mongering racist?

    • Read the take. To keep a corrupt plutocrat out of office, and for a chance at a progressive in 2020, as opposed to 2024. 2024 is 4 more years than 2020. It's math.

  • I'm voting third party I think.

  • You are too young to remember what happened with Ralph Nader in 2000. Many liberals decided that Al Gore was too conservative and too corporate so they backed Nader. He claimed that Gore and Bush were almost interchangeable. Enough liberals voted for Nader to enable Jeb Bush to steal the election for his brother in Florida. Now, try to imagine how different the entire world would have been if Gore had been elected. No 9/11, no wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, no trillion dollar deficits, no tax cuts for the mega-wealthy, a huge reduction in global warming gases over the last 16 years, the possible avoidance of the second great depression, a liberal Supreme Court (no Citizens United, voting rights reinstated, Republican gerrymandering struck down), etc. Do you get the big picture yet? The damage done is incalculable.

    I don't like or trust Hillary either. However Trump is capable of far more harm than even George Bush performed, and that's saying a lot. He could start a world war. He could cancel US debt to China and force a global meltdown far worse than the first Great Depression. Saying that his world-wide destruction may bring about a liberal successor is like saying that Hitler was desirable because he was replaced with a liberal Germany. I'm sorry but the cost for what you suggest is absurdly high.

    I don't

    • I wasn't aware of the 2000 election in real time, but I read about it, extensively. Your premise is wrong for several reasons.

      First, in this case, the alternative is not a useless 3rd party. If Trump doesn't get nominated as a Republican, but instead runs as 3rd party, then it's a similar scenario, but against the Republicans. I'm well aware of W's legacy. I even know he didn't technically win the 2000 election, but it was awarded to him by the supreme court.

      Second, it's wrong because I simply disagree with your conclusion that Trump is guaranteed to be worse than HC. Make no mistake that I would never vote for him in the general, if he would keep up the same old bigoted, violence-inducing circus that he's been doing in the primary. If Trump gets nominated, he WILL soften up his rhetoric, and he will attack HC from the left on key issues. And circus or not, he will be right to attack her in that way, on those issues.
      HC is not any less doomsday than Trump, and possibly more.

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    • ok, but you cannot say what could've happened or what will happen

    • @COCOCHANEL I agree that I cannot say what will or would have happen. Yet right and wrong is not limited to consequences.

  • "It doesn't seem like he is beholden to that corrupt system that is racing us towards a cliff."

    Beholden to the system? Trump IS the system.

    It blew my mind when people lauded him for "exposing" the other GOP candidates for taking money for favors, and his proof was that he was the one who bought the favors, as if the briber is any less complicit than the bribee. If politicians are puppets, Trump is a puppeteer.

    Clinton is no progressive, but she's at least a block to the far right lunacy.

    • He's been a puppeteer, but he's not in the biggest puppeteer club, which dwarfs the rest, by far. The enemy of my enemy is my friend (maybe).

      HC is as far right on the major issues as any traditional Republican. The rest is just pretty words and tone. It's child psychology to screw people over with a nice tone. I'm not a child.

  • An interesting essay on this: "Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar, and Right (And, my dear fellow Republicans, he's all your fault.)"

    Written by a Republican, but arguing that *both* parties' Establishments stopped listening to the people, and the rise of "The Donald" is the backlash:


    • Well, the Democratic establishment hates their base. They think they are annoying, inconvenient pissants. The Republican establishment fears their base. We can see that they were right by what's happening with Trump. Meanwhile, the old sheep on the Dem side are lining up for HC.

  • The Establishment hates Trump and Sanders. Sanders won't win, not with the Super Delegates. Trump will be the only one not controlled by the Establishment and he will be a bull in a china shop as far as the Establishment is concerned which is why I support him... smash the establishment!

    • Might, not will. He might also be worse than the establishment. But the establishment is a certain thing, as far as being a disaster.

    • True. But something has to change. I believe he will bring jobs through revised trade deals though... it is about jobs, jobs, jobs to many people.

    • I really have no confidence in Trump. I see him more as a destructive catalyst to promote more public interest in politics. Like when there is a forest fire, sometimes more fires are started in its path, to stop its advance.

  • i am also a liberal and i will vote for trump.

  • Every one of the republican challengers is better than Trump. He's winning on the idiot and name recognition vote. The smart votes are split between the other 3.

    Bernie Sanders is an absolute joke. He doesn't understand basic economics, has never had a regular job and keeps saying 'free' when nothing is free.

    College education for everyone? Yes that's really smart. That's a tax on everyone to pay for something only a portion of the population will use. It will crush the economy.

    What would have prevented the 'bubble' from the mortgage crisis would have been teaching the average American what they can and can't afford. Too many low intelligence Americans took loans offered by banks they could not afford. Why is this the banks problem? No one put a gun to the head of people signing the loans.

    Most Sanders supporters aren't very smart so these things sound great unless you really understand the facts. He would be an absolute train wreck. In 26 years in office he's never authored a single bill that passed a vote. How crazy is that? Career political waste. Getting free meals for his lack of any substantial contribution.

    • Spare me the uninformed or disingenuous rhetoric, Mr Anonymous. Just your implication that an investment in education is for 'a small portion of the population' is preposterous.

    • Cruz definitely is better, but Amnesty Rubio is not.

      As for the mortgage bubble, playing "Affirmative Action" with the housing market was a guaranteed disaster.

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