I Wonder How Many Of You GAG Users Have A Driver's License And Realize It's Unconstitutional

I wonder how many of you GAG users have a driver's license and realize it's unconstitutional

Did you know that you have a right to travel without a license ? I bet most of you think that your required to get a license here in the US. The honest truth is that driving is privelage and traveling is a right. The only time you are required to get a driver's license is when you conducting commerce. You have the right to travel in your automobile without a license registration or insurance. This is a common law and it even says it in the U.S. Constitution. Even the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that no license is necessary to travel on public roads. By getting a driver's license auto insurance and such you are surrendering your rights and property to the federal government.

If you ever decide to excercise your constitutional rights travel without license make sure you know what to say to the cop that pulls you over next. You have the right to defend your human rights and it is a human right to travel without being approved by the state or frederal government. When you have a Driver's license, auto insurance and registration you are first surrendering your human rights to the federal government and you are also surrendering your vehicle to the governemnt which it can then be impounded and you can be put in jail.

The government has no right to limit your human rights without due process of law under the 5th Admenmant. A driver's license is restricting your right to travel. People of America please defend your rights and your Constitution do not surrender your human rights to the Government or your property. Remind the police that they work for we the people not we the people work for the police.


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  • Right to travel does not mean right to operate a vehicle. Traveling as a passenger does not require a license. Walking is also a form of traveling.

    • This was my reaction exactly

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    • Please cite the Supreme Court's ruling on the matter, and learn to spell so that I can take you more seriously.

    • That was also my reaction, we should all get together and have a threesome. Lol.

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  • Humans have been traveling without cars for many centuries. Lol

    • This dude's a dumb ass.

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    • @Joc4Position Yep. And he knows he's a dumbass, too. That's why he's anon.

    • @Transigence https://youtu.be/VqFgUZcVDfo here's a video for you that will prove my point I'm not the dumbass here but you will be the joke when they take away your freedom


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  • I've heard of many things, like licenses are the mark of the devil. But even that argument had more material to back it up than this.

    But, rather than chalking you up to be a dumbass, I'm going to ask why you didn't point out cases where people were caught without a license on the street during a curfew, and because they couldn't prove that they were over 18, they got ticketed? Or what about passports? I'm not saying that you are totally wrong, the freedom is an illusion.
    However, your focus on operating a vehicle was refuting itself, because you said that driving is a privilege, but at the same time you don't need it to drive. How else are we going to tell the difference between those who earned the privilege and those who didn't if they didn't carry proof?


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  • I've never heard this before, but I'm sure I would've if you didn't pull it straight out of your ass.

  • well, if that's true, it's a dumb law because it means anybody who has not even learned to drive can go for a spin.

  • I am sure we do have the right to travel, and it is important to have that right. However, there is a difference between traveling and operating a several ton hunk of steel that can easily kill people with a small mistake.

  • It is not necessary for states to comply with the US constitution.