My Life With Nonexistent Boobs

1. Dresses etc, never fitting perfectly "up top"

It sucks to find the perfect dress that fits you amazingly, except for in the boobage area. There, it will slouch, or look all wrinkly and sad, like a deflated balloon. It will basically scream at you, "LOOK AT WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE!" So you have to stick with oversized looking dresses in general if you don't want to sport the slouchy look.

My life with nonexistent boobs

2. Wearing a sports bra, bikini or swimsuit (no padding)

With the magic of most bras, even those who only have minimal padding, at least you look somewhat decent. But with sports bras, bikinis and swimsuits? Good bye almost-existent boobs, you will be squished to death.

3. Bullying

Ah, yes. I know they're flat. You know they're flat. Can't we just leave it at that? Of course not. Because there's always some douchenozzle that feels the need to point out just how ridiculously flat you are, how it's funny to them, how it makes you unfeminine and undesirable, etc. I get it. You don't like small boobs. I'm over it, so why don't you get over it. I know exactly what I look like, I do in fact own a mirror, so when you tell me just how nonexistent my boobs are, you're not exactly informing me of any shocking news.

4. People assuming you haven't hit puberty yet

Yes, hello, I'm just here to inform you that puberty doesn't always = more boobs. Yes, puberty is indeed a very magical period during which many things can happen, but not for everyone.

5. People also assuming that you will have "the butt to make up for it"

Like sometimes when I mention my flat-chestedness here, some guys have commented "hey, look on the bright side! At least you surely must have the butt to make up for it!"
... In what world does that even make sense? Like it's some kind of weird math problem, minus boobs equals plus butt? No. Nono. Of course there are women who are more of a pear shape but just because you have small boobs it doesn't automatically mean you have a bigger butt, especially if you're just thin in general/all over (like me). Just stop.

6. Girls with bigger breasts who complain about their own boobs being "too small"

I truly feel so sorry for you.

Despite all these things that I have encountered and heard as a girl with a flat chest, I still love my body and I still love my small boobies. I don't care if people think I'm less feminine, or not attractive enough. My boobies are great. Besides, I'm hella awesome anyway. I don't need boobs to prove that.

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  • Women come in all shapes and sizes but all have a unique perfection.

    That pristine nature comes from within, the true beauty of womanhood that captivates us all and leaves us in appreciative awe :)

  • The way I see it, some people are always gonna have a problem with a girls body. Too less? Flatrons. Too much? Cows. Doesn't matter what your body is, you gotta love what you have, especially when people's perceptions are from realistic. Good Take.

  • I've never understood why people draw so much attention to the sizes of things whenever they aren't what the "average" is. We should take pride in individuality and not draw unnecessary attention to it. You're beautiful just as you are. I wish a lot of people regardless of the sizes of certain aspects of their body would understand that.

    Great take ;)

  • I wish more girls loved there small boobs, cause I know most men would love small boobs just like they lioe the big ones.
    Small boobs don't make you less feminine, not at all, if you actually look at most models, they tend to have small boobs.
    If a woman is attractive, she'll be attractive with big or small boobs.

    • I forgot to say, nice take.

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    • "but wouldn't it be better to have a model with a more average looking body?"

      For runway? Definitely not.
      Would clothes look better on hangers with bumps and curves?

      That's actually a serious question -- because runway models are, in essence, human clothes hangers. They are selected for being essentially shapeless -- especially in the kind of lighting that dominates runways.

      You are thinking of "fit models" (not to be confused with fitness models). Fit models are selected to be "perfectly average size N's". I have a girlfriend who is a size 6 fit model for a few American brands, and, that's her job -- the brands literally design their size 6's around HER measurements.
      There are fit models for pretty much every standard clothing size, men's and women's. They don't "look like models", because that's the whole point -- they look like average people who wear size N.
      see, where yr going wrong here, is that you are thinking (cont'd)

    • ... that runway fashion has anything to do, at all, with the kind of clothes that people actually wear in the world.

      Designers make 3 different lines: runway, couture, and RTW (ready to wear).
      RTW is most of what's in the stores -- and RTW is the stuff that fit models are used for.
      RTW stuff is NEVER worn on runways.
      Runway collections are -- to use polite language -- weird shit. Runway collections are about 5% clothing and 95% art. They look outrageous and ridiculous as "clothing", because tehy aren't even really supposed to be clothing.

  • "I get it. You don't like small boobs. I'm over it, so why don't you get over it."
    Are you sure you're over it?

    Anyway, you mentioned you may not have the body to fill those dresses the way they were designed to, and you mentioned that the math conclusion is stupid.
    So I'll start with a new trend: you may not have the body you think others wished you have, but you sure compensate it with that angel face.

    Nice take, here is my Like.

    • Haha yes I'm sure, I did struggle in my teens but now I don't care. It's only annoying when dresses slouch etc, but I don't actually feel *bad* about it. Thanks :)

    • Yeah, I was just making a joke like: if it really didn't matter, you wouldn't write a take about it :p
      But I'm glad you did.

      (any particular reason for not letting me follow you? :o)

    • Oh oops, I have my profile on private and I haven't checked the followers thingy. 16 unaccepted follow requests... I shall get on that

  • Thank you for sharing all those stories about your "life". It's nice to hear from the ladies with small boobs. I don't think they are as appreciated as they should be. Like you said you don't need big boobs to be feminine. I enjoyed hearing some of the negative things about small boobs so I can better understand what ladies are thinking in their head when we are dating. I hope to be able to find a way to help her feel better about her self when she hits a low point like that.

    Best part about this was the end when you stated you were proud of your body and still confident because of it. That is the true sign of feminine beauty right there.

    Thank you for your hard work in putting this together and I hope to hear more of your stories in the future.

  • I really like this post. Many girls feel so bad about having small boobs. It's not like they chose it, you get the body God gave you. And I personally think small boobies are absolutely beautiful. Big ones are mostly fat anyways. This is a great post and you are awesome! πŸ€“πŸ‘

  • Nice Take, but don't worry, pretty girl like you - needs no large boobs... basically, most guys prefer face over boobs.

  • My family went to Ocean City New Jersey during the summer times. When I was 14 and with raging hormones, my college aged step sister and a college girl pal came to were we were at 69th St beach, which was distant and remote from the boardwalk hangouts. She had a curvy bottom and waist but was flat up top and wore a bikini bottom with a halter top when she sunned and swam. At sunset when the families and lifeguard were gone. She took off her halter and swam and hung out topless. She was the first "grown-up" girl I ever saw naked up top. She did not have even mini-boobs. She simply had padded pecs with contrasting blueberry sized nipples and pepperoni sized areolae. She was overwhelmingly hot for my young eyes and was the cause of several wet dreams. Her boobs were great. So are yours.

  • I think girls with bigger chests still face more scrutiny and criticism. Sure, they're seen as sexually appealing, but deal with back pain, the struggle to find bras that fit, and are even said to be inappropriate. Flat chested girls are seen in the media 95% of the time and portrayed as the most desirable type of woman. So I think girls with big boobss probably have it harder.

    And either way, whether your flat or large-chested, you're still seen as desirable anyway just because you're female, even if you're really not.

    • Well, this wasn't meant to be a pissing contest, like small boobs vs big boobs, "who has it harder", it was just be explaining my experience as a girl with small boobs.

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    • @lumos It really is not so difficult to understand.

  • Well damn

  • I love boobs of all sizes but with a gorgeous and unique face like yours I couldn't care less about your boob size.

    People who reduce you only to your boobs or bully you because of them are shallow af and assholes which should be ignored.

  • Aight. That's all well and guud.

    But do u have dat face tho?

    Cuz tbh that's all that mostly matters to meh

  • Who needs boobs when they have a gorgeous face like you do.

  • I will confess, I like larger breasts, however i'm not going to criticize you for the way you are. This was a wonderful take, and has helped give me even more perspective on this subject. Great job. :-)

  • i had a girlfriend who was flat chested once. i loved her to bits and it didn't bother me at all. she was really insecure about it though, even though i told her she was beautiful etc.

    she used to insert these stupid chicken fillet silicon things into her bras which always made me laugh. people need to learn how to be happy with what they have (easier sad than done, i know)

  • Well, you can't have it all. There are so many things you have which millions of other girls can only dream to possess.

  • Well written but I'd be happier if women don't think of feel this way ever. Girls are unique, beautiful no matter what shape or size they are.

    Even a girl with no boobs or hips or ass is SO beautiful <3 and this is not a consolation thing

  • The grass is always greener on the other side. Big-boobed girls complain about stretchmarks and their boobs getting saggy and backpain. Small-boobed girls complain about looking like a boy, being unattractive, etc.

    Reality is it all comes down to the persons self-esteem and the lack of it.

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What Girls Said 52

  • Hah, I feel ya. I am naturally built like a handrail, and I just HAD to go to a high school where every other girl (or so it seemed, anyway) was built like a video vixen.
    I mean, I even had a career as an editorial model in a few different countries, and I met and married the man of mah filthy wet dreams, all while I still had mah itty bitty titties... but, yeah, nope. Still had hourglass envy all the way.
    When I got married (age 26) I was about a 32B or 30C -- and, considering I'm 6'2" (and know how to size a bra properly ::ahem::), that's some serious smallitude.

    I had my first breast augmentation when I was 29, soon after I lost the baby weight from my first pregnancy. 650cc saline submuscular. Was about 32F or 32G (US sizes) after the swelling was gone and rehab exercises were complete. (On most women, 650cc's would yield an increase of more than just 3 cup sizes, but I am a thousand million feet tall.)

    After 2nd breastfed baby, 32H (US size). 3rd baby didn't change anything.

    Got BA revision (800cc implants) + mommy makeover at age 39.
    Started doing fitness competitions again, since the mommy makeover.
    Now my normal size is 32I in US sizes. For pre-competition cutting phases I'm a 30J.

    The BA was basically the best decision ever.
    The way I fill out a dress now? Holy fuckermother. <3
    Combined with the extra ass I've got from having 3 babies... well, I've finally got that hourglass I always wanted.

    I mean, I'm north of 40, and I actually look in the mirror and think my body is hotter NOW than ever before. That's pretty fucking cool, huh.

    I had some back pain for a while after the BA, but, that was nothing that couldn't be obliterated by 4-6 months of weight training emphasizing the back. (Conveniently, it was pretty much impossible to train chest/shoulders very hard for about that long after each surgery, so... that's pretty much what happened by default anyway!)

    So... if any of y'all girls with big girls have back pain -- try to hit the gym, de-emphasize the chest and shoulders, and REALLY hit yr back and lats. Do sets of 6 to 10 reps, with a weight that's heavy enough that you CAN'T do any more than that. (You will not start looking like Popeye the sailor man -- that's physiologically impossible for a woman, unless you're shooting androgens.)
    Do this for AT LEAST 6 to 8 months before evaluating the results.
    This should at least help, mb even cure the problem completely. Sure as hell beats reduction surgery...

  • All boobs are great boobs! Trust me, there are problems that come with having big ones too. Especially #1. I actually didn't think it was an issue for y'all. I envy girls with smaller boobs because they can rock just about any top. But yeah, boobs come in all shapes and sizes for a reason. Rock what you got girl!

  • OMG You so nailed this! This take prompted me to follow you. You're my sister from another mother on this subject!

    The only addition I have is for some reason that when guys hear/see/read this, many of them will say something to the effect of "most guys like small boobs". Well dudes... guess what... I didn't ask you what YOU like... it's about ME and how I FEEL.

    Why you feel compelled to tell me that my boob size doesn't matter to you, I have no idea. That may come off bitchy, and if so, I'm sorry. But again... it's NOT ABOUT HOW GUYS THINK of my boobs... its about how I FEEL about not having them.

  • I really loved this and can totally relate. When I was younger I used to be so insecure because most of my friends had big boobs and a nice ass. Now, at least I can do something about my ass - squats definitely work. But I don't really care what people have to say anymore. I love who I am, small boobs and ass as well. And also as soon as we have children our boob size increases. So I'm just fine with my size. It suits the rest of my body.

  • Nice take! I can relate. Makes me self conscious sometimes, when I was with my ex I once sent him a pic of me in pyjamas with no bra and one time when we hung out he told me his friend was annoyed he was meeting up with me and not him so said (about my picture)

    "To be fair it looks like she got no boobs"

    I don't know why he told me that as you said it's not like it's shocking news to me, I do own a mirror and can see my chest but the fact he bought it up only made me self conscious.

    I get self-conscious about it with my now boyfriend too and have admitted to him my boobs are pretty small (although he can probably tell that anyway!) but he says he doesn't care how big they are, he loves me for how I am. He asked once if I could would I have them bigger or smaller so I told him bigger and he asked why and told me I was fine the way I am.

    I used to get worried about what he thought about them but now he's said that I am more comfortable. Plus though we haven't had sex he's admitted I turn him on and whenever I ask how he always answers "U just do" or "Ur a hot, cute, irresistible girl"

    And so I no longer worry too much about how small my boobs are, I only care what my boyfriend thinks of them and he doesn't seem to care how big they are anyway :)

  • Excellent take. =)

    I agree - having small breasts, having big breasts, having anything too small or too big will elicit ridicule from idiotic 'peers' in school - kids are mostly stupid, what can ya do...

    Loving yourself - best way to move forward and live your life. ^-^

  • as an A cup, I can relate to every word of this take lol

    I agree with all the guys here, your face is breathtaking, and boobs are not that special, I do have self esteem issues because of them, but lately I've been more and more comfortable with my body and I always look the positive of everything.

    Back pain? wtf is that? haha

  • hahaha omg, I love this! It describes my life so well. Especially #2, #3, and #5. πŸ˜‚

    I was super insecure about it for a long time but I've mostly accepted it now. I'm pretty small all over so I think my body looks proportionate and my boyfriend doesn't seem to mind so it's all good. Lol

    • I was insecure in my teens too, but then I realized that I'm doing just fine in life without boobs. :)

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    • Yeah! It helps when everyone else grows up and like 80% of them stop being asshats. Then you get some time to work on yourself and your confidence, haha.

    • Lol yes, so true. haha!

  • Wow, people sure care a lot about boobs (just look at the comments) lol!

    I'm a girl with not much boobs but no one really cares that I have small ones because I'm thin and shapely.
    I have a ass that sticks out, where people automatically look when they see me.

    I think in general, boobs don't make someone automatically attractive.
    It's the whole package itself.
    Boobs isn't isolated and floating around.
    It's just something that "adds to the appeal of someone".
    If they're generally unattractive a great rack won't save them, it will probably just only get them laid and that is all!

    Just be confident in what you have (as you seem to be).

  • yes
    just yes
    the struggle is real especially for dresses and bullies
    I have this gorgeous strapless summer dress and I love it but the strapless bra I have for it... It keeps falling + the dress won't fit right in the boobs unless I wear my VERY padded regular bra with it.
    I have a nice butt but (t) hehe I wish I had slightly bigger breasts just because then a lot more shirts/dresses would look better on me and fit me right
    im not happy with my body lol

  • I don't know which is worse small or big...
    Women with big boobs get every pervert pointing or slabbering at them and not nice things yelled at them.. my friend when we were teens was quite busty would get toiletroll tits shouted at her... I'm flat chested apart from my big boobed sisters no one made fun of me except an ex but no one shouted stuff at me like they shout at my pals... can't be nice on the other end of the scale either

  • I never did understand why people assumed girls had a butt if they were flat chested.
    I've seen that quite a few times on here, I don't get it.
    Nice take.

  • Ha try having big boobs.
    This is how every nice dress makes me look.

  • I feel ya, yesterday my mom walked into my room when I was changing and she saw that I was wearing a sports bra (which is what I usually wear unless I'm getting dressed up all fancy) and she told me I was so lucky I have "nothing there" so I can wear comfortable bras. Like she genuinely thinks I'm lucky but I was just like.

    • LMAOO that pic

    • yeahhh see, these are the kinds of things that make me glad I grew up in a house full of just men (me + daddy was a widower + 4 brothers).

      these little backhanded compliments -- nope. not a thing that happened lol

  • I think I'd rather have smaller "non existent" boobs because surely the unevenness isn't as obvious as when you have boobs on the bigger side of things.

    The dress thing must be a MEGA pain though πŸ™

  • You will never hear me complain about how my boobs are too small. Mine are too big. I want a reduction. My back hurts. I envy you. At least you can solve the issue with cutlets - I have to physically remove my flesh.

    • I'm sorry your boobs are causing you pain. Hopefully you can get a reduction soon. And yeah, cutlets... how do you explain those when the clothes come off and a guy is present? "Hey sorry let me just take these chicken breasts off real quick" super sexy.

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    • That's great. Take full advantage of that.

    • I will eventually, but I don't have the time to devote to recovery from surgery as of yet.

  • lol I feel you :P
    funny it s usually the girls that are mean about it... I have yet to find a guy criticize me over my boobs.
    but girls can be nasty lol xD

    • For me it's been the other way around. Only guys have mocked me for my boobs and called me unfeminine. Girls on the other hand have praised me and said that I look good no matter what, and that they fit my body type.

    • ow that s weird :/ those guys probably didn't get laid much with that attitude xD
      by the way you re gorgeous ^.^

  • I've got around just fine being almost completely flat. I've got some pretty close guy friends and they're all assured me small is better than massive on the attractiveness scale, if only for practical reasons. And for me they're just more comfortable most of the time.

  • πŸ˜‚ I have a small bra size too and I agree with all of these

  • Yo go girl! Every man and women should embrace their beauty and where they come from, perfection doesn't exist, and no one is satisfied with what they got.

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