Happiness Myths


When you achieve something you'll be happy

Promotion, a title, a diploma, a gold medal, 1000 folowers on instagram, becoming guru here on GAG, becoming a parent, visit every country in the world.

It doesn’t matter which achievement you are looking for, none will grant you true happiness. Yous till can feel like crap. Millionairs, moviestars and rock stars still getting depressed. People with a perfect body still can be dumped.

When you find the right person, you'll be happy

Having a partner can surely make your life better in a lot of ways, but it isn’t a requirement to be happy.

The only thing that matters in a partner is that he or she makes you happy

Face reality sometimes your partner gonna annoy you, sometimes you get turned off by him or her or feels underappreciated.

Being happy means you'll never feel bad

Part of life is to have moments of negative emotions like: dissapointment, loss, anger, sadness, embarrasment, fear.

Happiness is merely a state of mind

How to make someone with a depression feel even worse then they already do? Use an inspirational quote like “choose happiness”. It will make them feel guilty for not feeling happy.

Gratitude will make you happier

"Be grateful for what you have!", a saying people often use to sheer someone up but this can have the opposite result. Being thankfull what you have can make you happier, that is true. But when you are feeling low it is sooooo hard to do. You can end up feeling ashamed for feeling sad.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Great Take! It's so true.

    The only thing that can make you happy is to CHOOSE to be happy. If you're always looking for external sources of happiness, you'll never be satisfied.

    • Thanks for you nice comment!

      I don't really agree with that you can choose happiness. This was the part "Happiness is merely a state of mind" is about... maybe I wasn't clear enough in that part

Most Helpful Guy

  • I have been keeping an eye out for your takes lately - I love your style, others write big convoluted reasoned out (often quite good ) takes on things like each of your points but sometimes just presenting the fact/statement with a bare synopsis is enough for the reader to take away and muse over the concept - My favourite author of all time is John Steinbeck, he wrote in bare bones of environment and plot yet conveyed the deepest of meanings.
    Great job - Keep it up - Happiness is sometimes being intrigued by a take.

    • yes I like it staright to the point!

      Thank you for your comment!


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What Girls Said 5

  • Beautifully Done, @vekin, my Good friend and Gag Editor... Happiness, like Life... Is what a person Makes or Breaks it.
    Good luck and Blessings for Easter. xx

  • Like asking a sick person if he is doing okay --"

  • Exactly. No one C

    • *No one chooses whether or not they're happy. I mean I always choose to be happy. But it doesn't always go according to plan. So happiness happens when it happens. There is no saying WHEN a person will finally be happy.

    • yes often it doesn't go according to our plans

  • Gratitude will make you happier :) I second that.

    • try it when you feel down...

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    • but anyway don't believe it's no solution for unhappiness

    • Happiness and unhappiness just come in phases. Gratitude just helps live through unhappiness even though its not a solution to it.

  • The process of mental, spiritual and material richness may be summed up in one word. Gratitude :-)


What Guys Said 9

  • Yes, happiness is a collection of very tiny moments of euphoria that you acquire thought a lifetime. Nobody lives a full life full of happiness... you can't be happy if you've never felt sad/normal.
    But when someone says that they're happy, I assume it's because they are just content, or nothing bothers them in that moment.

  • 1. False
    2. False
    3. Uber False
    4. True
    5. True

  • More or less true, it's true that just one of those things won't grant you true happiness but a mix of all or some of them will. It also depends on the individuals state of mind and personality as well.

  • 1. False. Achievement is the primary source of happiness. I believe by "true happiness" you are referring to contentment and that is also built on what you have done and continue to do.

    2. False. Actually finding the right person does make you happier. Actually in general human camaraderie is a requirement for happiness as well as achievement alone in a social species is not sufficient; keep in mind that the right person may not be a romantic candidate. This has nothing to do with your genitals.

    The rest is true.

    • it's more that people think sometimes if I achieve this then I will be happy but that is not how it works...

      Many desireing someone to share their lives with but you don;t need someone to be happy

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    • well then we disagree about that

    • Obviously so. I thought about it, drowning this out in links from professional sources and studies about psychology and the psychology of success and what successful people have in common and good management and I thought about it and I calmly set that aside. I have learned one thing in all my time and that is that evidence and proof do not matter; they are worthless in the face of our beliefs.

      I could say "You disagree with all the research!", but I won't, because at the end of the day the falsehoods will be preached and the "optimism" will still exist. Men are their own suffering.

  • none of these things will makes you happy forever, but all are better than dragging yourself through glass and expecting happiness to happen. you kinda have to make yourself happy and find things that give you joy than saying, because i do this, there's no way i'll be sad ever again.

    • that was what I trying to say that these things can give a feeling of happiness but not really make you happy

    • then say it. You just come off as some miserable dudes who's like "that can make you happy, but it won't". You didn't explain or give any insight to the topic of saying, yeah, money can be great, but you can still be sad. Yeah, you can find the love of your life and still be lonely. You can pretend to be happy, but you won't. That's not advice, that's just being someone who's trying to rain on other peoples' parades

  • Very nice take.. indeed

  • happiness is subjective... dpeneds on the person.

  • You need sex to be happy as a man... that is not a myth... believe me

    • I am asexual and male. I don't need sex to be happy

    • I so don;t agree with this

    • @shessoheavy @mytakeowner. That is because you have both had sex and therefore your happiness has become normal from it and you don't see the difference anymore