4 Times People Mysteriously Disappeared and Were Never Heard From Again

Four times people just disappeared without any explaination whatsoever.


Now This is the second in the series of creepy things myTakes I'm going to write. I'd again like to tag @Ginnyweasley97

1. The MV Joyita

Those are photos of the MV Joita.

The MV Joyita was a merchant vessel that in 1955 had all 25 crew and passangers disappear off the boat in the south pacific. Now despite what those pictures look like;THE SHIP WAS NOT GOING TO SINK. While the ship was in extremely bad condition, it was also extremely boyant and it would be obvious to anyone on board. It had a functional radio as well that had a two mile range.

Now here is where it gets REALLY WEIRD.

1. The starboard engine was found to be covered by mattresses, while the port engine's clutch was still

partially disassembled, showing that the vessel was still running on only one engine.

2. The electric clocks on board (wired into the vessel's generator) had stopped at 10:25 and the switches for the cabin lighting and navigation lights were on, implying that whatever had occurred happened at night. The ships' logbook, sextant, mechanical chronometer and other navigational equipment, as well as the firearms Miller kept in the boat,[7] were missing.

3. A doctor's bag was found on deck, containing a stethoscope, a scalpel, and four lengths of blood-stained bandages.

4. An auxiliary pump had been rigged in the engine room, mounted on a plank of wood slung between the main engines. However, it had not been connected.

5. The radio on board was tuned to the international distress channel, but when the equipment was inspected, a break was found in the cable between the set and the aerial. The cable had been painted over, obscuring the break. This would have severely limited the range of the radio to about 2 miles (3.2 km).

6. The Joyita carried a dinghy and three Carley liferafts,[3] but all were missing. She did not carry enough lifejackets for everyone on board.

Now my questions are.

A.What the the hell happened at 10:25

B.Why on earth did they pile matteresses around the engine.

C.We know a doctor was a passenger and evidence indicates SOMETHING injured someone, the real question is WHAT did.

D. Why on earth did they show signs of trying to make the boat livable till rescue while at the same time loose the lifeboats and dinghy.

E. Which all ties into the overarching question of who or what made them disappear.

@reptocarl you were in the navy have you heard of ANYTHING LIKE THIS.

2.The Disappearance of Brandon Swanson

It was the last day of classes at Minnesota community and technical college; a young college student in middle of nowhere Minnesota. Brandon was out celebrating the end of the semester when he crashed into a ditch on a gravel road. Now Brandon had a cell phone and called his parents to pick him up. Now this was in the middle of nowhere and Brandons Parents had trouble finding him.

So they got back on the phone with him for over forty five minutes and Brandon claimed he could see the lights of the neighboring town and started towards them. Now then all of a sudden Brandon said, "Oh Shit." THEN THE CALL CUT OFF. They sent in search and rescue, however with the combination of over a hundred volunteers, thirty four days, and a hundred and twenty days later they found nothing and for two days after his disappearance for two days calls to his cell phone would ring. So what exactly happened to Brandon that made him yell oh shit. No one knows.

Could have been a freaking Wendigo for all we know.

3.The Flannan Islands Lighthouse mystery

In 1900 three lighthouse keepers disappeared off of an island off of the northern coast of Scotland. They were doing their usual ten day shift however when their relief cam; The lighthouse keepers were gone.

Just vanished without a trace. What happened to these men?

The current theory is that the missing men were swept away by a freak wave, but even that hinges on the idea that three experienced lighthouse keepers completely ignored regulations stating that a lighthouse must never, ever be left unmanned, no matter what. So even the best theory has at least one serious flaw. So we will never know what exactly happened on that desolate Scottish island.

4. Louis Le Prince

Louis Le Prince was an Inventor and pioneer in the field of photography amd to be quite frank he was ahead of his time. From Wikipedia, "

Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince (28 August 1841 – vanished 16 September 1890) was a French inventor who shot the first moving pictures on paper film using a single lens camera.[1][2]He has been heralded as the "Father of Cinematography" since 1930.[3]"

So the fact that the man disappeared may not be so unusual when a man like that probably did have rivals.

What makes it unusual is what he disappeared from. Louis Le Prince Disappeared while on board of a train.

In September of 1890 he was going to visit his brother before promoting his invetions in the U.K and the then the U.S. He boarded the train without incident however when the train pulled into the arrival destination, Le Prince was gone, just gone. He had disappeared off the train. His friends, family, and police searched his room only to find his luggage was gone. Now if it was only him that had disappeared then it could have easily had been a suicide. But the fact that his luggage was gone makes this whole thing just creepy.


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What Girls Said 7

  • 1mo

    That MV Joyita was... too creepy. I think I won't sleep tonight. Watches can't just stop at the SAME freaking time, right? 😱

    Also, the photographer's disappearance was also horrifyingly weird. Maybe he plotted a permanent disappearance from the civilized world and sought refuge in an uninhabited land. I won't know but these types of stories intrigue me a lot! I'll make a research about other individuals that just vanished.

    Thank you for this myTake! I think a new interest has been born for me.

  • This was creepy yet interesting my take. Especially what happened to Brandon Swanson

    • The first one is what creeps me out the most,
      Matteresses on the engine and clocks all stopped at the same time and bloody doctors bag

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    • @Marinepilot
      That he is, but he is a damn good pilot and contributed just as much to scientific progress as a nasa astronaut.

    • He did. What I believe hindered him was not being a college graduate. He wasn't polished or particularly ambitious. But he was a master at positioning. I like him and he is truthful
      to a fault. He is an American original.

  • my favorite one had to be The MV Joyita. That was werid. Like really werid maybe the boat started attacking the people and to defend themselves they over it with mattress and than atempted to leave but the boat didn't seem to let them. And than it control everyone until they swallowed everyone on the boat. Gone and missing. If something creepy like that ever happen to me. You bet I would fight it. lol If ever given the chance...

  • 3mo

    For the Brandon Swanson one I'm speculate that either he was attacked by townspeople (if it's really that deep inside maybe they were cannibals) or he was abducted by aliens. Both are a far strech but I can't really figure out any other explanation.

  • Love stories like this!!! > ]

  • Things started out benignly and then they get so creepy!

  • Absolutely love this take! Love a good creepy mystery.


What Guys Said 6

  • 1mo

    the world may never know... similar to how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

  • 1mo

    Intriguing stories, it just makes you wonder...
    Wonderful Take.

  • The last one was supposed to have invented something edison was trying to patent. They say he was behind the disappearance. Read about the ss orang medan. That'll give you chills. A dutch freighter in indonesian waters in the 50s.

    • I know that and how edison was a ruthless scumbag, but it was how he disappeared that creepy

  • Now this is a kind of MyTake I enjoy reading. Like

  • This has always fascinated me. They can just vanish. Two more I'd have mentioned, Jimmy Hoffa and Judge Joseph Crater.

    • You were a pilot in the marine corp.
      Were you ever stationed on a ship and if so, what are your thoughts on number one

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    • ". I'd have killed to fly with the Blues. We've only had one aviator as
      Commandant. General James Amos. He fly F-4 Phantoms and F/A-18 Hornets. He flew when he was commandant some. But you really don't want a 4 star General or Admiral flying much."
      Okay, this might make you just a little jeleous when my dad was stationed in san antonio (electronic warfare. Satellites and stuff) His commanding officer had been a navigator in vietnam The man's wing commander was none other than Chuck Yeagar

    • God, Chuck Yeagar is awesome

  • Very creepy, but in a strange way I like it lol

    • Yep, I'm doing a series of these kinds of takes, this is the second actually