My Top 10 U.S. Destinations

New Orleans

My top ten destinations in the US

I would love to go the French Quarter, World War 2 museum, and a voodoo tour would be really cool. Plus I would love to get some beignets and hear live jazz music.

Boston Chocolate Tour

Mmm chocolate. So much chocolate.

All museums in the Smithsonian

I love museums so this is an obvious choice to me.

Washington DC

I think DC in its entirety is so cool. I could go there for 2 weeks and I still wouldn't see all that there is to see. I would love to go to the grave of the unknown soldier, Arlington, national gallery of art, Lincoln memorial, Library of Congress, the botanic garden, go see a live performance, and the holocaust museum to name a few places.

Gettysburg National Cemetery

My great, great, great, great grandfather is buried there and I want to find his grave.

Leavenworth, Washington during Oktoberfest

I have always wanted to have a beer during the Oktoberfest, if I can't make it to Germany I think this will be a good option.


NYC is so incredibly iconic and there is always something to do. I would love to go to a live show, times square, the flatiron building, and Central Park especially when it's snowing.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Going here would really fulfill my love for Harry Potter. I would love to try butterbeer, get my own wand and robes, got to the Hogs Head, or the Three Broomsticks.

Lake Tahoe

I love Lake Tahoe I would seriously get married here. I live an hour from Lake Tahoe, at the most. But I have never really taken advantage of all it has to offer. We Nevadans are incredibly proud to live so close to it. Also despite the year we had, Tahoe is rising. I would love to go to the Vikingsholm (a castle you can see after a beautiful hike) Sand Harbor would be awesome, the Lake Tahoe national park would be equally cool, or do some fishing.

The Squaw Valley

The Squaw Valley is a resort at Tahoe and honestly, I would love to spend Christmas here. I would love to go hiking, go to a herb garden or try ice skating.

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  • Nola is 😍😍😍😍like serious! My favorite city in all of America! The food, the culture, the history, the people, the festival's, the airrrrr lolπŸ‘Œ ughhhh I'm in love with Nawlins a. k. a New Orleans. I'd get married there, I visit twice/three time's a year.


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What Guys Said 6

  • I've been to New Orleans. A lot of the food is... rich (to put it mildly). They find creative ways of frying things.

    • They definitely do. I have seen fried cookies or fried ice cream which are both good by themselves so why ruin a good thing?

  • Beautiful places, and an excellent Take :D

  • Do you know what it means to miss new Orleans πŸ˜›
    If I ever visited the U. S I am sure I will go there πŸ˜„

  • I've done the boston chacolate tour

  • Nice I would like to Japan and see Nagasaki

  • Really? No Detroit?


What Girls Said 3

  • Tahoe and squaw are amazing. I go there every year during the summer and it's just breath taking *sometimes literally lol*. Nice take :)

  • I gotta go to the Harry potter world

  • Those are all awesome and wonderful places