Why Prostitutes Are Better Than Gold Diggers and Yes, There's a Big Difference

Why Prostitutes Are a lot Better Than Gold Diggers & There's a Huge Difference.

You may think that gold diggers are naught but filthy parasites, riddled with diseases, and very expensive, and that getting yourself a girlfriend, even a gold digger, may be cheaper. But I can tell you right now that it's all BS. Like, a bull could take a dump and there'd be less bullshit than that. But first, please take out the equation crack whores, the ones who walk the streets. They are the exception.

I have experience with many working girls, and I thought that there were better girls out there for me. But the truth is, the first time I got a[what I thought was genuine] date with a woman, she used me, and confused the hell out of me, made me buy her petrol, pay for a motel room, get her gifts, and much more. Plus she was a huge girl.

All up I think I spend $200+ on her, only to be disappointed, and spending the night alone, because she said she was too anxious to even snuggle with me. On top of all that, I died slightly inside.

Where as the working girls gave me everything I want, and even gave me some extra free minutes because they said I was taller, fitter and better looking than most clients they get. I told them to be honest, and they said I was very good with my hands and mouth. And all for a fixed price of $150 for a half hour, plus the extra minutes they give me for being a good customer. And after that, they seem to enjoy just holding my waist and talking to me, and even let me touch them all over during.

Do you want to know why prostitution is technically illegal? The government will tell you it's because they cause breakups and divorces by luring in unhappily married men. That's propaganda.

The real reason it's illegal is because the government does not financially benefit from it. Unlike marriages, divorces, births, deaths, and more, where their exploitation makes hookers dirt cheap by comparison.

You think hookers are dirty? Standard-less? Well, hate to burst your bathtub bubble, but they have hygiene policies: condoms, showers before & after, Listerine, they pretty much don't take chances. Plus it's not like the old days where they had no say or choice of customers, because their madams/pimps, and sometimes THEY know martial arts or have mace or a gun. So they can reject abusive and undesirable customers. And in my country, the whores in the "massage parlours" can safely call the police.

But gold diggers pretty much have standards based entirely around money, to the point where they would shag a dude with no rubber, or shower, simply because he earns 200k a year...even if he was riddled with diseases.

Plus gold diggers will make you try and win their attention, treating like a game with her as the prize and your hand as the consolation prize. A hooker will tell how much you have to spend on her outright and then give you what you want.

I hope this has enlightened you with the truth. Please share your opinion, and give feedback.


Most Helpful Girl

  • honestly, to me, comparing gold diggers and prostitutes is like u trying to convince me that mouldy bread is worse than a rotten apple, because apples are better for you.

    I'm just one person though, but i think that while you intend to make a legitimate point, it would make more of a difference to just highlight why no one should resort to either of these lifestyles to begin with.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Prostitution isn't legal in the US because cartels hate competition and will do anything to eliminate it. You think the Colombians want to see cocaine legalized? Fuck no. They will do anything they can to keep it illegal, so they can keep profits up.

    The Pussy Cartel is no different. If a man can just go visit a pro to get his needs met, women might have to do things like be pleasant to be around, have a personality, and actually bring something to the table other than holes.


    Can't have that. Much better to outlaw men's other option, and force them to do what you want.

    Except suddenly there's an internet full of porn. And sex toys for men.

    You watch, before much longer those lone nutjobs that are crying out to ban porn suddenly won't be lone nutjobs any more. They'll be joined by scumbag politicos from both major parties. The parasites know who butters their bread. They do ANYTHING women want, and as soon as enough women are missing out on dating and marriage due to men finding alternatives, those alternatives will be banned.

    Makes me want to download a couple terabytes of porn.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Haha Well... with a prostitute you know she's a prostitite... With a gold digger - if you're an idiot, you probably won't notice. And I guess, judging by the number of successful gold diggers... there are many rich idiots out there. xD

    • I personally would love a gold digger. I don't think those rich men are idiots at all. They rich for a reason. It's extremely intelligent to be with a gold digger.

    • @Scrambledagain Oh... plenty of rich old idiots... But yeah, some of them just really don't mind a gold digger at all. Both get something out of the equasion.

    • Yip. That's it. I honestly believe clever men struggle with women because love and logic are different. Love is meant to be fun, exciting, I'm the moment. Some men just think too much and take it like an equation. Which is why gold diggers are cool, because it fits the equation. You like me for x, i give you y, and the result is S😋

  • Well I agree you on this one, the prostitutes are open about their stuff at least they won't trick you for your money and cheat on you, they are doing what they are suppose to do, instead of taking advantage of a poor guy/girl to hog off them and giving them free diseases.

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    • They tryn to make money dont care if you get infected

    • @h3yev3ryb0dy When did I ever said that they care, I meant that gold diggers are the people who we initially trust but later on they betray us and give us mental and physical diseases. While we would be idiots if we sleep with a prostitute without using protection. In case of the former ones some people like TO believe them and have intercourse them recklessly.

  • Lmfaooo.

  • You can't blame anyone but yourself. Those "gold diggers" did not put a gun to your head. Maybe you should just stick with hookers..


What Guys Said 4

  • prostitutes only cost 50 euros.

  • Prostitution forbidden in the USA? Forget it!
    Mainly hookers are forbidden.

  • Prostitutes are a mans best friend😊 They should legalise it world wide.

  • i wouldn't want to be around either of those women.