Top 10 Scariest Character in Movies, TV and Video Games (BE AFRAID 😈)

10. Slender Man -From Slender

A creepy faceless figure that preys on women in the woods.

9. The Joker - The Dark Knight

Specifically The Dark Knight Joker - a mysterious man who just wants to watch the world burn.

8. Bloodyface - American Horror Story Asylum

SPOILERS An insane serial killer who wears the face of his victims.

7. Ghost Face - Scream

An iconic figure in horror who kills torture sand torments teens.

6. Pennywise - Stephen King's IT

A crazy clown who torments and kills and is an all around Fuck face nightmare.

5. Michael Moore - Halloween

The picture says it all.

4. Twisty - American Horror Story Freak Show

Silent but deadly doesn't describe this clown; you'll be on the edge of your seat every time he's on screen

3. Hannibal - Silence of the Lambs

2. Jason Voorehees - Friday the 13th

We can agree these are all scary, and before we get to number 1, here are some honorable mentions

Pin Head - Hellraiser

Pyramid Head - Silent Hill

Chucky - Chucky movies

Freddy Fazbear - Five Nights at Freddy's

And now the number 1 scariest character:

1. Freddie Kruger - Nightmare on Elm Street

Here are are Freddy's top ten kills:


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  • No jeepers creepers or the wishmaster?

    The Joker really should be in the top 3, that mothafucka wants to show Batman and Gotham that all attempts at anything good in the world are insane. He embraces destruction, death and chaos and smiles and laughs about it all while he does what he does. I think he is the worst kind of villain anyone would ever want to go up against since he think "outside of the box" and cause he is evil for the sake of being evil.

  • Personally though, I dont see how on earth like a teddy bear or any of the creatures from five night at freddy can be scary, but then again I dont find any of the characters in this list scary, but I do love many of them.

    Although one thing, think slender man was more interested in children, not women.

    Regardless not a bad list in either case, remember seeing IT and Hellraiser when I was a kid, thought was so awesomly "creepy", but sadly since got older, nothing seem to faze me anymore, lol. Dang it!.

  • Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers (not Moore) are the best, good Take ;)

  • "5. Michael Moore - Halloween"
    Its Michael MYERS not Michael Moore

  • You at least did get the proper mask with Michael. The picture of Jason is alright but it's from that messed up Jason versus Freddy movie. He wasn't scary to me in that movie. Because Jason had never been 7' tall. Good list.

  • None of them are scary, if you ask me. The Carver from Nip Tuck, he's the only one who gave me nightmares.

  • Michael Moore is a liberal moron that makes awful documentaries. I think you mean Michael Myers.

  • That clown.. Chucky and his creep ass

  • michael moore, hahahahahahahah