5 of the Best YouTubers: You Gotta Check 'Em Out

I spend a lot of time on YouTube, an unhealthy amount of time really. After spending so much time on the site, I decided to make a list of who I consider to be the best YouTubers or channels. (in order) Please leave an opinion about who your favourite is!

1. Good Mythical Morning

Oh yeah, look at my legs, they're pretzeled." -Link Neal-Jan 13, 2016

Rhett and Link are some of the funniest people I have ever had the pleasure of watching. All their videos are interesting and there is never a dull moment, well maybe during the April fools video...

These two internetainers have known each other since first grade and that makes their videos very enjoyable because you know they are genuine friends. They have two other channels that are called "Rhett & Link" which has music videos, sketches and more and "Good Mythical More", which is a continuation of Good Mythical Morning episodes.

I, however, prefer what I consider to be their main channel, which is "Good Mythical Morning". Good Mythical Morning, or GMM for short, is a weekday morning talk show where Link and Rhett do all sorts of crazy things such as selfie contests, eating weird food, and sticking their feet into shoes filled with random things and trying to find out what's in the shoe using only their feet. GMM is always family appropriate but is still a great source of entertainment. These guys always make me laugh and are a great addition to any morning routine. GMM channel:


2. Grav3yardgirl

Don't lose sight of who you are and what makes you feel happy, safe and comfortable." -Bunny-March, 2015

Grav3yard girl, or Bunny is quirky and lovable. Some of her most popular videos are from her series of videos called "Does This Thing Really Work?" where she orders popular "as seen on TV" products and tests them out. She has tested out lots of products including the "Gyro Bowl", the "Wow Cup", and "Bacon Bowls". Bunny also does reviews on makeup and beauty products including "Sephora Play!" boxes and Lush hauls. Bunny also has her own Tarte pallet called the "Swamp Queen" palette, and some lip paints. If you are interested in checking out her channel you can find it here:


3. Markiplier

I’m fubbernucked" -Mark

Markiplier's channel is quite popular, and you will probably know it, but even though he has many subs, he is still quite down to earth and cares about every single fan. Mark is known to cry a lot, especially when talking about how many people watch his videos. Mark's channel is mostly devoted to video games. Some of my favourites are his "Happy Wheels" and "60 Seconds" playthroughs. His videos aren't just playthroughs though, some of them are challenge-like such as "Markiplier Eats 13 Habaneros". If you're new to his channel, it's great for binge watching. Mark's channel, (as of today) has 3,058 videos. Mark does swear quite a bit during his videos. Mark's channel:


4. Reaction Time

Reaction Time, or Tal has a channel devoted to reacting to popular internet videos. His channel has around 1M subs. He doesn't have a bunch of videos, (around 100) but he has a very funny personality and I've found myself forwarding his videos to my friends time after time. He's reacted to videos such as, "Justin Bieber Falls on Stage", "The Funniest Horror Trailer Ever", (I laughed very hard watching that one) and "The Power of Makeup". Reaction Time may include cursing. Tal's channel:


5. Tana Mongeau

I just almost hit a girl trying to lift my carry on over head" -Tana-June 30, 2016

Tana is an interesting person. Most of her videos are storytime videos about her strange life. Tana always says that her life is weird and sometimes scary, so why not turn it into internet videos? Some of her stories include "Crazy B**** in Target" and "I Almost Died In an Uber". Tana has told stories from her childhood and stories about things that have happened recently, but every single one is more crazy than the last. If you want to watch Tana's videos you can check out her channel, but be warned: Tana swears a lot and may offend some people.


I hope you like at least one of these channels, thank you for your time!


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  • NigaHiga, Vlogbros, and Vsauce. I also like Dan and Phil, but I find Vlogbros especially hilarious, and Vsauce very educational

  • I'm not a fan of Rhett and Link or Bunny :/ they just never made me want to subscribe.

    I do like Mark's voice, I mean, that voice!

    And the others I don't know, but Tana seems interesting.

    My current favs
    Nikki and Jaime (daily life vlog)
    Patriciabright (vlog channel too)
    CutiePieMarzia (vlog, diy, haul)

    and to a lesser extent bc they don't upload as much/don't upload what I like all the time
    Rachel Whitehurt (make up, style, confidence)
    SamanthaMaria (too many ads alllll the time.)
    KathleenLights (legit a fav for her humor and make up)
    AndreasChoice (NEVER loads anymore)
    Tati (kinda over her at this point)

    For the laughs
    FilmCow, ghost house anyone? @OrdinaryGentleman

  • I love watching Rhett and Link! They always make me laugh.

  • Cool!

  • I'm looking @ all of these!

  • I only recognize reaction time. Lol.

  • i seen everysingle one of these youtubers except tana


  • GradeAUnderA
    Kubz Scouts
    MxR Mods
    Kyr Sp33ddy

  • The reason I like Tana is because she is real with everything.
    The reason I like Tal is because his reactions are funny.
    The reason I like Bunny is because she is quirky af.

    • I know, I love Bunny because she is so realistic. List of famous people feel the need to act perfect and never do anything funny, not Bunny. :) Thanks for the opinion.


  • Ew those youtubers suck!

    • I'm glad that you felt the need to come on this post, click anon, and write that comment. Seriously, you NEEDED to be anon to write that? That means you know that you're being rude and you don't want hate comments, well guess what? I bet the myTake writer doesn't want hate either! Thanks for being rude by the way, it made my day.
      (@ComeAlongPond I like all of them except Tana, she swears too much for me)

  • Tommy Sotomayor...