Lindsay Lohan Riding A Bumble Bee!

Lindsay Lohan Riding A Bumble Bee!

That's right you read that correctly! I started writing this story because I of a dream I had back in 2005. In the dream Lindsay was riding around on a Bee while tying shoelaces together and putting plastic wrap over toilet bowls. Generally just being miniature and annoying while pulling kid pranks. (*sigh* Why can I never have any good dreams about Kate Beckinsale! It's just this kind of stuff.) Anyways here are some of the highlights of the story so far:

Before man was born, only the Magicks were alive. Many different races of what you know now as Mythical Creatures. Most notably were the Dragons after them the other creatures only got smaller and smaller. The Mimkee or Mims if you like, it’s not proper of course but the Mimkee won't mind. The Mims are Dream Makers. They take the Human ability to see through time and spin it into nonsense so you can live your short life to the fullest.

And what do they look like? I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking by now. The Mims are often mistaken for Fairies or even Pixies, as all three are cousins of a sort. Just don't bring that up should you find yourself in conversation with a Mim. They hate the comparisons! They see Fairies as vain troublemakers and Pixies play way too many tricks/pranks for the tastes of most Mims. The Mimkee on the other hand are very hardworking and sociable. The nicest set of creatures you could ever hope to meet. They just have an interesting sense of humor.

Most of you have already seen them at one point or another. In fact every time you see a Mim, it’s because the Fairies wanted a laugh. The reason you don't remember ever seeing a Mimkee is because of a bee sting. A Mim's best friend is a bumblebee! That’s how they get from place to place, on the backs of bees. Think of them as rather fat horses if you like. If a Mortal gets to close a bee’s sting would make them forget the meeting, only to remember the pain.

Now what if I told you that you could see the future? From birth even! Being able to amass a fortune overnight or never getting into trouble, even finding your “true love.” Who wouldn’t want that? Flash forward, now your 30 and you suddenly realize that you can recall every event from your past in vivid detail. Your first love, first loss, or even your first breath. Now that you can see in both directions past and future, what now? Could you imagine still being in the womb and seeing your own death? Or lying on your death bed and remembering your birth. Would you still want to live life if you knew the outcome?

Chances are that you would just snap and stop doing anything. I’ve seen it happen. It’s not pretty, believe me! It’s what we Mimkee call the living death. You humans just sit there. Overwhelmed by everything you just go into a catatonic state, never to find the will to do anything again. Now, knowing that do you still want to see the future? The Joys and Pains of living is what will define you in the end. If not for the Mimkee, what you call Déjà-Vu would cripple you for life.

Dreams are powerful things they can inspire a man to become more then his sum. Or they can bring a tyrant to his knees in shame. Still it’s a great world of opposites and you cannot have Dreams without Nightmares. The Mimkee and their counterparts The Nyx Phantos give us the chance to realize our potential in a single night. Moreover they inhibit our natural ability to see all events past and future.

As for where they live, If you've ever wondered what that blurred spot of light in a messed up picture is, That’s a Mimkee City. There are many floating cities just clouds of light in the background of your life. Could you see it you would see true perfection with buildings made of glass, no doors, and of course the beautiful Mims. The Glass is what makes it so hard to see them. The glass is made from Fulgurites.

Your science tells you that fulgurites are natural hollow carrot-shaped glass tubes formed in quartos sand or soil by lightning strikes. The petrified lightning is not hollow. Our construction guilds work fast, as soon as they are formed, to mine the inner glass. This special glass holds a charge rendering it out of phase with your perceived world making the glass invisible.

There are many Mims worthy of songs. Like my father Fallon the Unifier, Katelyn the Fair, or even Teague the Just. But this story is about the most eminent Mimkee ever to be, “Semyon” the first amongst us. Who is often referred to as the “Only One,” or just simply "The One" to be created by The All. He is the greatest Mim you'll never meet. He has short sandy brown hair, green eyes, a light mustache and goatee. His laughter can literally shake the planes and he loves us all as a dog would love you, unconditionally. He has lead since before your time began.

When the "One” was created he was tasked with making the rest of us. He made Keegan to help him with this task and The One became Two. Keegan had blue eyes, long black hair with a thick mustache and goatee. He had a slight sweet tooth and wasn't much of a day Mim, so it goes without saying he had pale skin. The Mimkee were all one race at that time with the Two leading them into greatness amongst the other races. This is one of the many problems that evolved between us and the Fairies. But that’s another story.

I'm basically looking for some constructive feed back here. What did you think of it? Is it descriptive enough? Does it peak your interest? Looking to hear more?

Also my thanks to @SweetHomicidalQueen for proof reading some of this beforehand!

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  • its strange but well written

  • I don't know what to say😂😂

  • wow. Very interesting I must say

  • Very interesting. Neat concept.

  • Yeah, well, in my dream, Lindsay Lohan was riding something else :P

  • She can ride me. Idc if she's a heroine whore