Why Childbirth Hurts Far More Than Getting Hit in the Balls, and Why US Women DON'T "Have it Better"

According to one poll I saw on here, 39% of guys think that getting hit in the balls hurts worse than giving birth. I can't believe that this is even a common belief.

It clearly comes from men who have never seen birth. I know men who have witnessed childbirth, and oftentimes when they hear guys spewing the "getting hit in the balls is worse" BS, they'll respond saying something along the lines of, "take the worst time you've ever been hit in the balls & multiply it by 10,000. that's how much more giving birth hurts." That's because they've seen it.

Occasionally I'll argue with men who will say that "childbirth is not like the movies." I respond saying, "That's right. It's worse than the movies." Studies show that most women report childbirth being more painful than they expected. If they're not screaming, most of the time it's because they're in too much pain to do so.

Why childbirth hurts way worse than getting hit in the balls, & why women in the US do NOT

The above image is unscientific bullshit because there is no "del" unit of pain. I find it very insulting that men are trying to take away from the accomplishment & sacrifice that women endure by giving birth giving birth.

I have a few questions for men who think that getting kicked in the balls hurts worse than childbirth:

Does the worst of the pain of getting hit in the balls last 16+ hours?

Does being hit in the balls cause 90% of men’s genitals to tear open?[1]
Does being hit in the balls leave men sore, cramping, & bleeding from their genitals for weeks afterward?
Does being hit in the balls leave 77% of men with persistent back pain, & half of men with urinary incontinence, ONE YEAR after the incident?[2]

Does being hit in the balls leave 24% of men with painful sex SIXTEEN MONTHS after the incident?[3]

I understand that getting hit in the balls hurts a LOT.

But please stop trying to diminish women's pain by claiming that getting kicked in the balls is worse than childbirth, because it's not.

I recommend that (if you have a loving mother), you go thank her for what she went through to bring you into this world.

[1] https://www.rcog.org.uk/en/blog/perineal-tearing-is-a-national-issue-we-must-address/

[2] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4471341/

[3] http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/1471-0528.13263/abstract

I suppose I'll also use this post as an opportunity to debunk the notion that women in the US "have it better than anywhere else in the world":

- More women die in childbirth in the US than Saudi Arabia. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/women-dying-childbirth-u-s-saudi-arabia/

- The US is one of the only 2 nations without guaranteed paid maternity leave. http://national.deseretnews.com/article/4450/us-one-of-only-two-nations-without-guaranteed-paid-maternity-leave.html

- Only 12% of Americans have access to paid parental leave. About 25% of women go back to work 10 days after having a baby (read: after having their genitals ripped open in a mess of blood & gore). http://www.techrepublic.com/article/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-maternity-leave-in-the-us/



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  • I'm pretty certain childbirth hurts a lot more. But just an input from my side;

    I'm also pretty certain that people get kicked in the balls far more often than people giving birth; or am I wrong? And most of the times we aren't even prepared for the pain, not saying women are without having experienced it once already in childbirth, but still.


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  • Even just the pregnancy is tough! People think it's all roses and a wonderful beautiful time, and it is, but it's horrible and painful too. Some get hyperemesis and end up stuck in hospital for ages on drips, some get pre eclampsia and could die, and then there's the common constant back pain, feet hurting etc... About 4-6 months of that shit usually. And then even the pre contractions, so called "practice contractions" those can last days or for some even a couple of weeks... yea those pre contractions aren't as bad as the real thing, but they're still painful af.


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  • obviously child birth is far more painful than than getting hit in the groin. i've been hit in the groin multiple times playing sports (and imagine that it is probably harder than most people can kick when you get hit with a line drive baseball or a soccer ball)

    a shockign thing i learned when my wife was pregnant is that the United States has one of the worst infant mortality rates of any modern nation in the world. it was baffling to me that we can call ourselves a world leader while having such a terrible rate of newborn deaths

  • You are probably right but in a way I find the whole topic quite ridiculous to even discuss. It reminds me of those people who want to discuss who was more evil, Hitler or Stalin. Like... why does it even matter. They more both idiots. Why does it even matter how much exactly childbirth hurts. I have experienced some VERY painful things in my life (definitely worse than being hit in the balls) and I don't know if they were less or more painful than childbirth and it also doesn't matter to me in order to appreciate my mother's pain. All I know is that my mother had three very easy and fast births (all under 2 hours) and she still said it was painful.

    And the fact that America doesn't give its mothers and fathers a decent amount of parental leave is ridiculous. I'm from Switzerland and our mothers get 3 months of paid maternity leave and personally, I still find that too little.

  • if you want science ill give you science. if a woman gives birth the amount of dopamine that is realized is similar to an orgasm and the pain limit is raised with 70% when you are kicked in the balls no dopamine is realized and you feel the full pain since dopamine is a painkiller made by or own body.

    here is the science for you.

  • Lol...
    I am running out of breath of laughing... How can people compare the deadly and horrendous pain of child birth to getting kicked in? LMAO

    Perhaps, I am not able to show the scientific study now but I saw somewhere that a well aimed kick in the female genitals hurt the same as a guy...

    I am sorry if you were offended by some guys analogy.
    Guys habitually over exaggerate things to look cool and that habit remains same in pretty much everything... let it be comparing pain, talking about dream car, a video game , turn ons etc etc
    Ask a girl to describe her dream car vs a guy about his dream car... see and tell me who over exaggerate more? the guy will probably even make mouth sounds of the car engine to describe it... LOL

  • obviously giving birth hurts more.

  • It really depends on who kicks you. If I kicked someone in the balls they won't scream either, they would just pass out. I am also kinda weak compared to some people's kicks. I know couple people who can kick with above 1000 pounds of force. But yes I will agree, child birth is very painful. It is almost impossible to know which hurts worse.

    • Plenty of women pass out during birth.
      And well regardless of whether getting kicked in the balls hurts just as much during the time it hurts, it's evident that childbirth lasts much longer & has longer effects

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    • Can you elaborate? Perhaps some sources?
      & It MAY have long-lasting effects, but those effects probably don't effect the majority of men. In contrast, almost all women experience back pain for more than a year after birth, etc

    • Like I said it really depends on how hard you are kicked. Like I mentioned above, I know people who has a kick that is over 1,000 pounds of force. This type of kick would have life long effects.

  • Why do girls act like childbirth is the worst pain in the world

    • We don't "act" like it.
      Why don't you try squeezing a watermelon out your ass? Or maybe triplets, while you're at it?

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    • @fartsniffer2016 Well that ones all on you and how high your pain tolerance is, as well as the fact that t depends on how well you take care of your teeth.

    • @fartsniffer2016 you're a guy

  • lololololol

    • Girl, you need to be kicked hard right in the ovaries, and tell me how it feels.

    • Definitely bad, but probably less bad than childbirth

  • The grass is always greener and women will never admit they have anything easier than men.

    • What do women have easier than men?

    • you just proved my point. You won't admit you have anything easier than men so why should I listen to your rant? You suffer from the poor me syndrome, P. M. S.

  • You know getting hit in the balls hard enough can make it so that you can never have children, right? There's a long-term effect for you.


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  • I haven't experienced either but I did hear a guy once say getting kicked in the balls is worse and he gave reasons.
    A woman may have a baby and after a year or so suggest to her husband having another one but a guy will never ask to be kicked in the balks again. Lol.

    • Some men will choose to go to war a second time.
      Does that mean that getting kicked in the balls is worse than going to war?

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    • My comment was purely for comedic effect. I'm sure getting my vag stretched and torn up is worse.

    • LOL...
      A girl said to me that "women get a output from pregnancy, but men dont get any output from being hit. Thats why women chose to get pregnant again... not because it hurts less"
      Girls pregnant = child
      men get hit = nothing

  • So you're saying men couldn't possibly know what a woman goes through because they're men and they don't understand how painful childbirth is.

    But you're not a man so how could you speak on how painful getting kicked in the balls is?

    • By the way there is a thing that measures pain, it's called a dolorimeter

    • "Dolorimeter" is a myth started by Internet mends

      Anyway, I'm sure getting hit in the balls is very bad. However, NOT as bad as giving birth. All scientific evidence of consequences points in that direction. See the facts I listed

    • But does it even matter? You're saying that men are discrediting the pain that a woman goes through but aren't you doing the same. Yeah child birth is probably one of the most painful things a woman could feel but getting kicked in the balls is one of the most painful things a man could feel. Both are bad and while one might be more of a big deal than the other that doesn't discredit the amount of pain present. Like cancer, there's stages 1-4 of cancer. While the degree of cancer gets more and more serious, that doesn't stop one stage of cancer from being traumatizing or important.

  • I'm not sure why anyone would compare those two things, child birth is obviously the worst of the two, mainly because of the amount of time it takes. Honestly child birth doesn't scare me though, what scares me the most is raising what came out of me for the next 18 years of my life lol

    • It doesn't scare me either; it just annoys me

  • this made me think i dont ever want a kid. rather be a boy

  • I've heard guys say getting hit in the groin is worse than your period which was stupid enough, but I've never heard this. Just more proof men shouldn't speak until they've cleared it through the lady in their life first...😆

    • I do think that getting hit in the balls probably hurts more for the average man than periods for the average woman. However, for some women, definitely not. Some women are debilitated, throwing up, getting diarrhea, etc. That's only a minority, though.

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    • Huh. Interesting!

    • lol both men and women have a single nerve going from the genital area that passes by the heart that goes to the brain directly. if you are kicked in the balls/vagina with enough force this can trigger a heart attack and you can die from that.

  • I don't know of a man who could handle child birth.

  • Childbirth is not something I look forward to but it's the cheapest way to have a baby. Adoptions could cost more and surrogacy is more expensive too.