10 Simple Things That'll Make You Happier in Life

1. Music

Music helps a lot, if you choose the right music you can influence your feelings. Music can make you happy, sad, mad, jumpy, excited, etc.

2. Writing or reading

Writing is a very good way to express yourself and splatter your brain on paper. You can possibly write about what you're feeling at the moment or create your own characters and your own word. Reading is very intellectual way to spend your time and calm yourself. Sometimes reading can highly work for calming yourself and if a book doesn't change your life or way of thinking in the most tiny bit of way, it's not doing its job.

3. Complimenting yourself

You're a beautiful person, you should compliment yourself on something you like about yourself everyday.

4. Don't let what people say get in your way

What someone says does not define you. You define yourself. Unless you say some crappy ass shit about yourself, then listen to the people who love and care about yourself cause they're just saying the truth, you listen to the people who love you until you learn to love yourself.

5. Have "You Time"

If you do not give you time for at LEAST five minutes a day, you are just going to continuously stress. Don't let that happen, give yourself some time of the day to appreciate yourself and relax.

6. Take a bath or shower

Release all those tense muscle from stress, do yourself a favor.

7. Talk to someone you love talking to

Whether it's yourself, your mom/dad, auntie, cousin, friend, pet, whatever. Socialize with someone, maybe all you need is love and affection or just someone to listen.

8. Paint/Draw/Doodle

This might help relieve stress, like listening to music and writing/reading, drawing/painting/doodling is an amazing and creative way to relieve stress and splatter your feelings and mind into a masterpiece everyone or just yourself can seem.

9. Take care of yourself

Have a good snack, make sure you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And have snack occasionally you can be loss of energy. Also, make sure to drink water. You, can't just walk around dehydrated, you'll feel terrible.

10. Take naps or make sure you get a good night sleep

Getting enough sleep is good for you. Helps relieve stress, and is a mood booster.

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What Guys Said 11

  • Indeed, especially 1,2,5 and 6... great Take :D

  • Reading and having a bit of "Me" time, top of my list.

  • I mean, a lot of these are common sense, but sometimes we forget how to relax when we're really stressed so I guess this is to help us remember.

  • Nice take

  • Good take!

  • Very good mytake! This made me happy!

  • Nice take. Repd

  • That's an AWESOME take πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜›

  • shower is #1. never fails to make you feel better, even if it's a little bit.

    • I wrote the list in no particular order, but yeah I guess shower should be number one.

  • Nice Take, good ideas for anyone looking for happier me.

  • Looking at natural beauty like mountains and forests and the sea make me happy.


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