Kittens and Babies: Cute Pictures to Keep You Smiling Throughout the Week!

I am a cat person through and through, there are only few things that amaze me more than cats, but a child with its innocent smile can melt your heart and I am no exception to the charm. So, I decided to share some adorable pictures of babies and kitties together to put a smile on your faces.

Have a nice day!

Inspired by @Loveisbeautiful's great myTake.


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  • I think other baby animals are way cuter than human babies.. The cuteness of a human child only starts at when they're toddlers. Babies aren't really cute.


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  • i love this ! these kittens are so cute ! ((Β΄βˆ€ο½€*))

    i grew up with my grandma's cat, a white manx, and there's a picture of me as an infant petting her (a kitten at the time) with my foot

    • Wow! It is for your privacy otherwise I would have asked you to show me those pictures. :)

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