The Battle Between Good and Evil Exists: It's Inside You

I don't believe in God or the Devil. I believe in good and evil for sure though.

I believe everyone is born with a set of commandments from within. If you broke your inner rules then it would tear open holes within you that evil filled. Some people call it guilt, but guilt is something that other people impose upon you.

The feeling I'm talking about comes from within and it's impossible to heal until you correct the wrong you have committed. You all have felt it: when you did something that little voice was telling you not to, but in the end everything turned out OK, right? WRONG. Yeah you can push that feeling away but it's still there and the next time you do something wrong, it will grow and continue growing until you don't even notice it anymore.

You make yourself believe a lie like "it doesn't matter" or "this was the best choice I could make" when deep down you know that's not true. This acceptance of the break in your moral code makes the hole in you even wider and that's when you start treating evil things like it's fine. It may start small, a lie here or there, or you cheat on a test, or you could have just stole the last piece of your friends gum, but what if it doesn't stop there!?

Now now people aren't all bad. Yes, some of us make bad decisions here and there but either we correct them or do something good that cancels out the the evil. Life must have balance and everyone does some small evil now and again but everyone also does some good whether they know it or not.

I'm too lazy to finish but the point is people do good and people do bad. It's all about YOUR perspective. Just stay true you yourself and never give up on what you believe and every thing else will fall into place.

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  • I totally agree with the title of your post.

    • Thanks to @Fathoms77

    • Well, you wrote it; I just put your idea in the headline. :)

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  • You didn't really substantiate your title which you ran with as a statement of fact.

    You said you do not believe in God. But then say you believe in good and evil. Which i presume you believe is objective...

    If that's the case. What objective basis do you have to lay foundation to there being such a thing as good and evil? "good" in an atheist materialistic sense is completely immaterial, you're going to have to pull some pretty strong strings from Christianity in order to make that argument of something different.

    Christianity claims there is such a thing as "good" and "bad" because we were endowed by God with an innate moral compass (that goes for anyone... christian or not, doesn't matter). Objectivity comes from a moral law which can only exist in an immaterial objective law giver.

    Now... as i shall presume, because you never stated. I presume you are an atheist. So your basis of objectivity is a bit mute. No one is any more right than another because everyone is equally wrong. If someone feels compelled to do something because their DNA compells them too.. You can't claim that it is "evil" whether it be rape, homicide or worse. If you do... you have to give a valid objective basis in order to condemn them. After all, in an immaterial world. The reality is "you are nothing more than a collection of molecules, dancing to the tune of your dna" - Richard Dawkins.

    Splitting someone in half is no different than splitting a grapefruit in half... in either case, you aree simply rearranging the atoms of the universe, neither good nor evil


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  • You dont beleive in god or the devil. But beleive in good or evil and a set of commandments from within. Huh, ok so how can you measure good and evil and where did those commandments come from?

    • Think of it as a "moral compass" You know what you feel is right and wrong don't you?

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    • a) Unless you went to one of the Ancient Eight you are unqualified as to what sort of education they provide. b) Can you supply a citation for your 2% number? c) You have no freaking idea how much alumni hate "safe spaces", "trigger warnings", etc.

    • @JenSCDC lol. What why are you getting all touchy. I m just stating a fact. A fact that is sweeping the nation.. lol
      Anywho girl, you can keep that mindset of yours that you want. You have been conditioned well and not a free thinker. But that is a choice you make
      So , tschau im done with this shit.

  • You should believe in the devil because he is real and his goal is to drag as many humans to hell with him as he possibly can.

    • How do you know that the devil exists? And how to you know that we aren't already in Hell?

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    • Umm... I didn't ask if, I asked how.

    • @JenSCDC Ummm don't get an attitude with me with some demanding tone like I owe you an explanation.

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  • Who's the guy with the beard? he looks like a terrorist.

  • Everything is good with except when it comes to thinking with my dick

  • A disproof of your claim that everyone has 'commandments built in to them' = Psychopaths.

  • People are not born good or evil but neutral.