10 Of The Best Things In Life

1. The Crimson Tide <3

16 National championships and counting!


2. Completely destroying your enemies

3. Women that really can suck the corn off the cob

No biting or even nibbling allowed, Beeotch!

4. Epic guitar players

Like Reignwolf, Brother Dege, and Dan Auerbach.

Total eargasm!

5. Chevrolets

6. Having an afro

You smuve as hell!

And never hate on my white fro.....

7. Booty shorts (boy shorts)

They only look good on women, though. Unless you are gay or the guy has such an insanely nice ass that you get an automatic gay pass for hitting that shit.

Plugged right in the butt...........

Keep your fingers crossed the whole time.

8. Japanese/Chinese pornstars (Not the dudes, The other ones with the vaginas)

9. Being proud of who you are and where you're from.

Screw anyone who says you can't be either one.

The only other option is being ashamed of who you are, And that's weak AF.

10. Family and real friends

Always the most important in life.....



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  • 2mo

    Nope, the University of Alabama is racist as hell, just like most Southern schools, and those black players look like slaves on a plantation, working for their white masters.

    I would never, ever attend one of these SEC schools, since I'm going to get heckled because I'm Asian American and I fear for my life.

    • 2mo

      You have a one f*cked up thought process and a serious victim complex.

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    • 2mo

      Exactly, I feel sorry for those athletes, as it looks like Jim Crow. They don't know that they're being used. They're the only blacks that are treated well in the South, along with entertainers.

      But I never ever will go to a red state ever again. It's too dangerous and I fear for my life. If I have something going on, I will not admit Southerners, unless they are liberal. They are too racist for me, so I'm denying them opportunity, just like they denied me.

  • 2mo

    Nine and ten, the rest I completely disagree with/don't understand. XD

  • 2mo

    Yeah no.10 the most important

  • 2mo

    I thought the quote number 2 is by Genghis Khan, lol :P
    Very amusing Take :D

    • 2mo

      It's by Conan the Barbarian, Actually.

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    • 2mo

      Yeah, It probably was. I only ever heard it in the Conan movie. The only Genghis Khan speech I have memorized is the wrath of God one.

    • 2mo

      Yep, that was a good speech too.