6 of LadyTerror's Pet Peeves

Body odor

I usually don't mind it unless it's really bad. In that case, stay away from me. LadyTerror's Pet Peeves

When people use words that they don't understand

Look up a dictionary...

When guys leave the toilet seat up

Are you aware that you're not the only person using it?

Or pee on it

This is even worse than the previous one. Learn to either aim or sit while peeing. Or even better... Lift the fucking seat up.

Being accused of lying

This drives me crazy. I don't get why people wouldn't believe you even when you're being honest. It would make sense if you have a habit of lying but I've had strangers do this too.

Driving slow in the the fast lane

Move bitch! I have somewhere I need to get to. 😡

So this might be the shortest take I've written... Yay!

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  • "Are you aware that you're not the only person using it?"

    ThAt is exactly why it's up! Because we know other people also use it. So we make it easier.

  • Here's my thing about the toilet seat. Even though I ALWAYS close both the seat and lid I don't understand why it's a problem for todays women. It reminds me of when I started a job and a coworker accuses me of not putting it down, first like I said I always put both down purely out of habit and second I didn't use then washroom she was refering too, but she said it was disgusting and she has to use her hand to put it down. Uhhhh what? Well how do you think men do it? Do you honestly believe we have a secret code we enter into the back of the toilet that puts it up and down? C'mon man!

    Now like I said I always keep both the seat and lid down, in my apartment I don't want the cat and dog to get into the toilet plus it just looks better when both are down. In the past ten years and over many different men and women, whether they are friends, a date, girlfriend, gfs friends, friends of friends, whoever it is in my place, there were MORE women that didn't put both the seat and lid down than men. Which leads me to believe as whole this is the most hypocritical complaint amongst women.

    • Eh I don't consider that to be as big of a problem. I do the same and I'd prefer both the lid and the seat down because I don't like looking at toilets (I'm weird), but peeing on the toilet seat is a lot worse

    • Yeah I don't like that either, like fuck the toilet paper is right there, clean it up! Lol

  • I agree with a lot of them except I don't drive and may have left seat up on occasion - You should get the feminist toilet seat like my friend, I swear the damn thing was spring loaded and never stayed up, if you weren't careful you could have pee all over you when the thing sprang down.

  • very understandable, as I agree with most of those peeves. :-)

  • I agree with most of your pet peeves, very interesting Take :)

  • Fantastic! I love number to especially. This seems to be big in the corporate environment where there's such a heavy emphasis on appearing intelligent. I think it goes double for people using garbage words. ("Verbage" is my current hot button word.)


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  • Pretty much agree with all except the toilet seat thing, I don't mind putting it back down. But it does bother me when I go to use the bathroom at night and I literally fall in the bowl because a guy left it up 😂