4 Famous Hauntings in Canada

This is part two of my world hauntings myTakes series.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to death. Either they move on and enter the afterlife or reincarnate or simply blink out of existence. However, it seems that neither is true. While some may move on to the afterlife or reincarnate, for some reason unknown to the living, some of the dead stick around. Here are four famous Canadian Hauntings.

The Ghost Ship of Northumberland Strait

In the freezing waters off of the Northumberland Strait separating Prince Edward Island from Nova Scotia there have been repeated sightings of a ghost ship. It is a 4-masted schooner that is burning with fire. It has been sighted for over 220 years and no one knows why or even what its named. There have been attempts to rescue it but the vessel vanishes every time that happens. One very famous attempt was made in 1900 when the crew boarded rowboats but it vanished into thin air before they got there. Why does it appear, who is manning the ghostly apparition, or what is the name of the vessel...? To this day no one knows.

The Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg

The Fort Garry Hotel has had many guests over the years but one guest has never left. In room 202 a young woman killed herself after hearing of her husband's death and now haunts the room. There have been many people who have had encounters including former member of Parliament Brenda Chamberlain. There are also other figures who haunt the halls. Why these spirits haunt the hotel and why that woman hasn't joined her husband in the afterlife we might never know.

The Whitehorse Cadet Training Center

This wasn't always a Cadet Training Center; before, it was a Juvenile detention facility. During that time one of the children imprisoned here hung himself in his cell. Today they say that in the night you can here the victim crying out in fear and pain.

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse in Toronto

The lighthouse was built in 1808 and in 1815 the lighthouse keeper Radan Muller was brutally murdered by unknown killers. To this day Muller's ghost can be seen around the lighthouse on cold nights, moaning out in pain.



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  • The story of Gibraltar Point actually has a few different versions, due to the fact that nobody knows for sure what actually happened there. There were no witnesses - much of it is actually just speculation from the residents of the islands at the time. I do know that the keeper's name was actually John Paul Radelm├╝ller, and the two men who murdered him were apparently named John Henry and John Blueman, both soldiers who were stationed at Fort York during the War of 1812.

    There are even more stories from Toronto, many of which are far creepier than Gibraltar Point.


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  • I know people that have been to the Whitehorse training centre and Gibraltar Point, really freaky apparently.
    The Fort Garry is a bit eerie too, been there a few times.


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  • I love these takes! :D I actually haven't heard of most of these stories! Great take!

  • I had no idea about any of those, you should do a take on haunted sights in European countries sometime, too. :D Britain would be a good start as there's quite a lot of famous haunted places there

    • I was already planning on doing the U. K next

    • I can't wait for that one ­čśü Maybe I've been to some of the places you're gonna talk about

  • Very creepy yet so cool.

  • nice,


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  • Stuff like the ghost ship scares the hell out of me. Even the movie was kinda scary. Nonetheless, cool take!

  • That lighthouse looks very creepy

  • Fantastic places (in a creepy sense), excellent Take :D