Being quiet doesn't mean weak

Being quiet doesn't mean weak

Freedom of speech must be for everyone not just for Certain or specific category, Insulting Islam and prophet is considering as freedom of speech but defending our beliefs considering as terrorist, is this what called freedom in this world?

People think we can't insult back because our religion force us to respect other prophet's as Jesus .. No they are wrong, even if our religion force us to respect others beliefs and other religions that doesn't mean we can't reply back with the same way..

I believe in Freedom and Freedom of speech, but that doesn't mean I will stay quiet when others use " FREEDOM OF SPEECH " as a reason to insult, humiliated and attack our beliefs and our religion.

Everyone has a right to say what he want and what he think but there is something called Sanctifies, and people must respect them.

Being quiet doesn't mean we are weak, they say walk beside a holder river better then a quiet one.


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  • Who says Muslims are quiet?

    • Improve your reading skills

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    • Don't annoy me. Get a treatment -_-

    • For gos sick ho's annoying who? get lost

  • Yes, I agree with you... all the Muslims are not terrorists.

    • But I don't support that woman also have to be educated

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    • first improve your English

    • Sorry, I am not English one so I don't know much anyway there are many Muslim countries which doesn't support female education

  • Being quiet just means you don't like to talk a lot and would rather listen and observe.


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