Hannah's Songs of January '15

I hope you've all had a good month to bring you into 2015 and this year lets you discover great artists and music. A few of these songs I discovered late at night on the radio, so they may not be to everyone's tastes but you never know. Enjoy!


Elastic Heart - Sia

This song, the lyrics, the intensity of Sia's strong beautiful voice, the acting and emotionally fuelled contemporary dance makes for a truly powerful experience. The video has been under scrutiny but personally, it's purely an art form that can be interpreted differently. People have felt it's a father and daughter scenario, others believe it's the loss of your childhood. For me, it's a song I can't stop listening too!


Big Girls Cry - Sia

Another great one from Sia's new album "1000 Forms of Fear". This song resonates with me but Sia's voice makes it a lovely song to listen to.


Dear Life - Dannic ft Ryan Exley (Remix)

Perfect for the car stereo! I couldn't get a YouTube video for this one.


No Hands - Waka Flocka

I prefer the explicit version, but this is still great. I don't expect this to be to everyone's taste.


Lullaby - Yuna (Adventure Club Remix)

I found this a few months back but its whole composition, the piano and the beautiful voice from Yuna always draws me back and gives me chills. ♥


Dancin' - Aaron Smith (Krono Remix)

A nice, upbeat yet relaxing twist to the original.


Insight - Fort Knox Five (ASkillz Remix)

I discovered this awesome tune from the game Test Drive Unlimited 2 so previous players may know this! It kicks in at around 30 seconds.


Won't Look Back - Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont has returned after Need U and I Got U, with another great tune! To me, it feels like your classic summer tune, they released it at the wrong time of year!


Tchami - Promesses

The music video for this plays a slightly different tune to appeal to more audiences. This is the first one I heard so I've chosen to share this one.


3005 - Childish Gambino

Me and my dad love this song this month. It's a song that grows on you. The video includes a huge teddy bear!

Hannah's Songs of January '15

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