Meet Instafamous "Marnie The Dog!"

Meet Instafamous "Marnie The Dog!"Photo Source:

The other day I discovered an ADORABLE dog with a head tilt and a long tongue!

Marnie The Dog surprisingly has a rags to riches story!

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Marnie was a stray found by Animal Control in August 2012 on the mean streets of Connecticut with matted and smelly fur.

The scruffy looking Shih-Tzu was moved to a shelter and named Stinky, before being adopted as a result of a post. Stinky was adopted by MTV producer Shirley Braha and now meets celebs!

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She has had to overcome a few health issues that may have resulted in her unique look! She has had over 14 teeth removed, she was blind in one eye, and her head tilt may have occurred as a result of a previous brief illness called Vestibular Syndrome.

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12 year-old Marnie The Dog enjoys long walks, adventures, parties, naps, and eating chicken, broccoli, Greek yogurt, watermelon and eggs.

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With 1 MILLION followers on Instagram, Marnie The Dog is one of the most popular dogs online! What do you think of Marnie The Dog? Doesn't she just make YOU want to tilt your head and say, "AWW!" Any other instafamous or viral animals you can think of? I'm a big fan of Jiff and I've heard of The Grumpy Cat...

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  • Aww she's soooo cute!