No Justice: Ethan vs. Alex

No Justice: Ethan vs. Alex

I made this Powerpoint slide for a litigation class in my last semester in college. I was so smitten with the Hribal case, and still am, it's unreal.

Outside what the picture says, Ethan Couch came from a very wealthy family. His dad bought him his own mansion, where he'd spend the day playing X-Box before partying with friends at night, until on Father's Day in 2013, he drove a Ford F-350 full of intoxicated teens down a road at 70 mph, colliding into & killing three women & a priest. One of his friends, who had a soccer scholarship lined up, was paralyzed forever from then on.

Alex, on the other hand, was always really quiet in school, did really well academically, had a group of friends and a great family. But he happened to be a microscopic statistic in mental health in children. Having long gone without treatment, he finally got psychiatric attention after he was arrested, and was found to have untreated schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, and speculations of bipolar disorder, according to the various doctors to have treated him. Despite the judge's orders, every hospital in Pennsylvania denied him treatment. He recieves treatment at the juvenile detention center he's staying at. His trial is scheduled for next month in March.

The difference? Despite Alex's mental status, he's found remorse in what he's done. That day when Ethan was practically acquitted, throughout court he had a smug face, like he had better things to do than adhere to the murders he committed and the lives ruined. He wasn't even shedding tears-if that were you having taken someone's daughters, wife, husband and father, wouldn't tears be streaming down your face?? Wouldn't you stand convicted by God & man in that court room? Judge Jean Boyd spared Ethan that conviction, whereas prior to the Couch case, she had sentenced a black boy to a decade in prison for killing one person.

For Alex to go without a hospital, and for Ethan to go virtually free, I can't help but ask myself...why the hell can't we see anything at face value anymore? Why do politics have to come between us and our senses in parallel situations like these? Justice has come for neither of these boys, & I just pray that God brings everyone involved in these cases to justice, sooner or later.

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  • I remember reading about Ethan Couch. He best hope I never somehow encounter him in a grocery store.

    Can a watermelon fit up someone's ass?

    • I'd like to see you do it. And maybe a pineapple in Judge Boyd's vag.

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  • So they say that Justice is blind but she opens one eye for money...

  • Good take.