Amazing Artists on YouTube that don't have nearly as much exposure as they deserve

There are people who I have watched on youtube which are so much more talented than many people on the charts. I would like to share them with you.

1: Paul Kim/pkeys
Youtube channel: PaulKimMusic

That guy is so talented it's crazy. He used to be on American Idol, and to be honest, I don't know why he didn't win. He does some amazing accapella covers. This is one of my favourite songs by him. It's not a cover, I believe he wrote it:

2: David So
Youtube channel: davidsomusic

He is mainly a comedian now (davidsocomedy), but he still does some fantastic covers:

3: Nujabes

Sadly he passed away in 2010, but his music honestly takes me to another world. It is just so good. This is just one of his songs, but so many of them are my favourite.

4: Jacob Collier
Youtube channel: jacobcolliermusic

He is a very talented arranger of covers, however I don't think his singing voice is that amazing. He is also quite a weird guy Yet he is so talented and I love to listen to his material.


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  • I'm a subscriber of Davidso and he is funny as hell... but seeing Nujabes on here made my day :')

    Sincerely, Battle cry, and Mystline are my favorites from him. He made Samurai Champloo so much cooler, I've never seen such a perfect match.


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  • Ah wow I really like Nujabes now :)) Thank you for introducing me to his music. RIP :(


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  • I really like the Mona Lisa Twins

    • Wow, I really like this! It makes me think of the days of WWII and the Great Depression. Their voices and music would fit right into that time.

  • YouTube has really democratized art

  • The problem with youtube artist is they gain a little fame and they think that's all there is to it and that's all they want. They aren't serious enough to take it to the next level.

    • Actually for some, (Paul Kim is a great example) they don't actually have enough money to kick-start taking their career to the next level and so social media, such as YouTube, is really the only place they can get exposure.
      Nujabes is dead, and the videos uploaded are just from people who want to enjoy his music
      Jacob Collier does not want fame, he is just a very arty musician/student, and he is actually doing really well... He has met Herbie Hancock and is close friends with Quicy Jones (who by the way has expressed deep admiration for Jacob's talent)
      I agree with your comment to a certain extent, as I know the type of people you are talking about. However, the ones I have chosen are very much serious about their craft

    • The ones I have encountered they aren't even serious enough to have the decency to return a simple answer to let someone know they're not interested which is why I'm giving up on youtube.

  • Exposure doesn't mean a damn thing when you can't make enough money to live off of it. If the number of facebook likes and youtube views is rewarding to them, great, but otherwise, I can only shrug my shoulders and say "what's the point, but good for you."

    • Actually many successful youtubers Make a living off of YouTube. Makeup artist Michelle fan does videos for a living and recently released her own makeup line sponsored by YouTube. So views actually do add up

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