Should women enslave men?

This question is not particularly sexual, it applies to anything you can think of. This question is open to both male and female.

men: would you be willing to be enslaved by women?

here is a link about the topic, if you have trouble understanding the question:


try link
link to a poll

so far all the people who have answered my question have answered no, yet most online polls, show that men and women are in favour of it... confusing


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  • Should women enslave men? I vote no.

    But in his excellent free e-book "If Men Have All The Power, Why Do Women Make All The Rules?", journalist Jack Kammer makes an interesting case to argue that in many ways men are _already_ the slaves of women. Read the book here:

    For example, Kammer notes that:

    -there's a U.S. Government office of women's health, but not for men's health.

    -Hallmark makes greeting cards that bash men, but not that bash women.

    -Schooling is geared more towards girls' style of learning.

    -feminists and activists have knowingly circulated false data about domestic violence, which makes men look like villains and women look like saints. The truth is that most abusive marriages have two-sided aggression, with the husband and wife battering each other.

    -and many, many more. Kammer's book is excellent; very worth reading.

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  • What the hell kind of polls have you been reading?

    • I friend told me about the topic, type in gynarchy in google, and you will see what I mean

    • Well of course the people who visit websites like that are going to be voting in favor of it. I thought you meant on actually reputable websites.

  • Nobody should enslave anybody.

    • That link doesn't work for me, btw.

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    • You don't have to do things that they tell you to do. Women do lots of things that men ask them to do, as well. Our two genders have to work together.

      And I don't think it's okay for women to slap men. If a woman just started attacking some random guy on the street, do you think bystanders would just accept it as okay?

    • Actually it is not woman that enslaved man, it is man that willing to enslaved by woman... if he in love of her...

  • I am a woman in Uganda and I have enslaved several men. They live in the basement in the Big House and come at my beck and call. If they fail they are beaten. It is much better for them this way. Otherwise they would be much poorer in our community and they do not harass the women. Men should know their place.

  • There. Is nothing wrong with consensual slavery where one person hands over all control to another.
    As long as both parties agree to their roles what's the problem?
    Disadvantaged people should not be taken advantage of.

  • We already do.
    The male desire for pussy over everything else and our ability to control when and how they get it, allow us to control them. Most people won't admit it, but above all else, this is the power we have and regardless of any power men have, this is their biggest weakness and our greatest strength.

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  • That link says the ideal would be "ensexment," not enslavement, of men. If we are talking about the BDSM stuff then I would at least try it to see what it's about, but I don't think that I'd be totally into it. Being enslaved by a woman though? ...nah, I'll pass.

    • Re BDSM: I'd try it only if I can also be the dominant one too, not just the submissive one .....and whips and chains are ok, but no ball gags and crazy sh*t like that

  • I think that's a good idea that males should be enslaved by women, economically speaking there would be plus, let's face it women are superior in ways that makes it right and balanced to be at their services.

    We, males, could focus entirely on the needs and comfort of our goddess.


  • I absolutely think they should enslave there men.

  • YES! I believe that Women are superior to men.

  • No. , should be other way round ??�

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