Should women enslave men?

This question is not particularly sexual, it applies to anything you can think of. This question is open to both male and female.

men: would you be willing to be enslaved by women?

here is a link about the topic, if you have trouble understanding the question:


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so far all the people who have answered my question have answered no, yet most online polls, show that men and women are in favour of it... confusing


Most Helpful Guy

  • Should women enslave men? I vote no.

    But in his excellent free e-book "If Men Have All The Power, Why Do Women Make All The Rules?", journalist Jack Kammer makes an interesting case to argue that in many ways men are _already_ the slaves of women. Read the book here:

    For example, Kammer notes that:

    -there's a U.S. Government office of women's health, but not for men's health.

    -Hallmark makes greeting cards that bash men, but not that bash women.

    -Schooling is geared more towards girls' style of learning.

    -feminists and activists have knowingly circulated false data about domestic violence, which makes men look like villains and women look like saints. The truth is that most abusive marriages have two-sided aggression, with the husband and wife battering each other.

    -and many, many more. Kammer's book is excellent; very worth reading.