Why did she blow smoke in my face?

I was out on a date with this girl and she liked me she was like I'm so happy I met you, blah blah blah. And she touched me a lot. Then shortly after she deliberately, yet subtly blew smoke in my face from the cigarette she was smoking. she did it once again a few minutes later. Why what she do that. Is there type of subliminal message when a girl blows smoke in a dudes face like that?


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  • she has watched waaaaay too many black and white movies. she was trying to be seductive and maybe your face changed when she did it the first time so she thought you liked it and did it again. she thinks that smoking is sexy and makes your thoughts turn naughty. I can tell it didn't work.


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  • She was attemting to be seductive. Some people think that's like saying " I wanna f*ck you" and sometimes its just to mess with you if you don't like that she smokes. Maybe she was seeing if youd complain about her smoking or take it like a champ.lol

  • she was just trying to be seductive, in a bad way.. just like theatergeek145 said, she has watched too many movies..

  • Some girls think that is a sexy way of flirting

  • A lot of girls this its cool to smoke and they think you like it. I wouldn't read too much into it in a negative way. She also might be a little self absorbed.


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  • I would say it means one of two things.

    First it could mean "p*ss off".


    It could mean that this girl has watched way to many black and white flapper flicks and she thinks that blowing smoke in a guys face is sexy.

    Either way if I was a smoker I would care less then if I was not and either way I suppose it's just gross. I mean honestly would she like it if you leaned over and spat on her?

  • damn where did you find that crazy chick? may be she thought that you would make you horny

  • If she was touching you before she blew the smoke in your face, it was completely an act of serious flirting, almost the beginning of foreplay. It was also a sign of her taking the role of "bad girl"--good little girls don't smoke/bad, naughty girls do. Classic psychological display with all the expected meanings attached.