Is sleeping over at his place a good sign of him liking you?

We haven't known each other for very long, but I've stayed over at his house two times since knowing him. I figured guys would be pretty territorial about their space when first meeting a girl, and if they don't like you/unsure of how they feel about you.. then they wouldn't want to give you that idea since some girls do tend to cling early on. He didn't ask me to stay over, but he didn't ask me to leave/hint at me to leave. It just sort of happened. In fact, the second night I stayed over, he had picked me up that night, so if he really wanted me to leave, he could had just taken me home, or the first night he could had asked me to leave or hinted at me to leave, saying he had to get some sleep or whatever.

So what's the consensus.. a girl sleeping over at a guy's house she started seeing recently.. would that show a sign that he is on a higher level of commitment (even if you aren't official) and really likes her if he allows her to stay over? I always thought allowing a girl into your place is one thing, but allowing her to be in your space and seeing how you sleep and having to be around her in the morning, was a complete other story.