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Is sleeping over at his place a good sign of him liking you?

We haven't known each other for very long, but I've stayed over at his house two times since knowing him. I figured guys would be pretty territorial... Show More

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  • did you have sex...

    If you had sex then its likely you are sex buddy... and is bad

    but if you just slept there and did not do aything then he really likes you..

    • Well, the first time, no. The second time, yes. I wasn't planning on having sex with him that soon. It just sorta happened, I guess.

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    • Well, I don't go to his place FOR sex, haha. The night usually starts out us sitting around talking, playing video games (we both are rather fond of playing Wii bowling and Mario Kart), watching videos on youtube. I do want to go out and do stuff with him though, like go bowling and stuff.

    • Of course you dont, but you still need to see each other somewhere else though....

  • It all depends on the situation and the level of commitment that the both of you are at...I'd say weigh your feelings and go with what you think is right.

    I mean if your sleeping in his bed and you just met him that might be a bit to quick, but if he wants you to stay...there's some level of interest, regardless.

    If your sleeping on the couch and he's sleeping in the other room, then he may not be that into you, yet. I think the two of you should sit down and talk some more, maybe you'll get some answers of why he's allowing you to stay over and under what circumstances.

    Good Luck!

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