Computing or Business as a career choice?

I am struggling to choose one of these two. Computing or business (management)?


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  • I have a biased opinion due to the fact i love computers and i have gotten the career i've wanted since i was 8!

    But my opinion with business:
    I tried studying business for a couple of years in tandem with computers and i found a lot of it common sense, unless there's a very specific sector you want to go into!

    My opinion on computers:
    there's a lot of different things you can do with computers and if you study one thing it's more than likely applicable to other things! And then there's always a backup of becoming a computer related teacher, there's a shortage of IT teachers at the moment so the pay is pretty astounding!

    Anyway, as i said i am biased and didn't really enjoy studying business!
    To be honest, unless you know exactly what you want to do you are probably best just doing what you love!


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  • Where do you find yourself? Research both careers and decide based on your skills and personality where you will be good at, computing or business.

  • You could probably do both..


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  • Computing, if you go into business as a general thing, you won't be as competitive as you will be going into computing and then getting an MBA. Believe me, you WILL need an MBA if you go into business.

    Any time you can have a technical degree (computing, mathematics, the sciences) it makes you MUCH more competitive in business. It also makes you hugely more competitive to a company in that field (Apple for example).

  • Whatever you like the most