Family Guy vs South Park?

just curious so see what you guys think is better, if possible please explain why

  • Family Guy
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  • South Park
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by the way, for me its south park ftw!


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  • South Park, because because of South Park I can't take some things seriously anymore and it kind of has changed my life haha.

    • i know exactly what you mean haha

    • I can't even take global warming serious anymore, because of manbearpig and Al Gore who wants to save the world, because everyone will think he's totally awesome. I'm super serial you guys!

    • lmao! i wasn't even thinking of that! manbearpig is legendary!!


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  • Family guy is freaking great but nothing can hold a candle to South Park!!! XD

    • lol i have to agree! south park just raised the bar so many times... they even made fun of family guy really hard and family guy didn't have the balls to respond haha

    • Yeah I saw that episode where they did that the other day lol good thing Terrence and Philip came back.

      South Park makes a stronger impression on most worldly topics. It's great!!

  • I like them both. As I find them both funny but I like the plots of Family Guy better. Stewie is my favorite character. I especially like the ones that focus on him and Brian

    • yeah the stewie and brian episodes are usually great! except the one where they get locked in a bank! that is just messed up!

    • hahaha. A person has to eat lmao

  • I think both are terrible.

    • what? what do you think is funny then? how i met your mother or so?

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    • But what is on TV is so much better? Most sitcoms are idiotic and have no point so how are they better?

    • I don't really watch tv to begin with.

  • both are irredeemable trash

    [bards is gonna unfriend me :P]

  • I don't watch either of them.

  • I'm Family Guy all the way but my boyfriend likes both. I think South Park is his favorite of the two though. South Park annoys me for whatever reason. There are a few episodes I like but for the most part I'll leave the room when it comes on.


What Guys Said 7

  • I love both but I prefer South Park.


    I like both. I can't pick against either.

  • South Park by a long long way.

  • Family guy for me. though i must say that the earlier episodes were a lot funnier than the recent ones.

    • the last family guy season (that ends this sunday) i haven't seen yet, should be cool because cleveland is back, but overall i have to agree with you! the latest episodes just feel like lots of bad jokes crammed into an episode

    • yes! especially that super annoying Chicken Peter keeps fighting at the most random moments. first time was funny. now it's just soo boring. don't you agree?

  • Family Guy, never really cared or South Park.

  • South Park. The early seasons were a touch lame, but the show became increasingly clever.

    Family Guy is lame. It became the Peter-Griffin-is-a-mindless-dick-to-everyone and Brian-and-Stewie-travel-through-time-happy-hour show. The jokes are SO predictable at this point. It's a tired horse that needs to be put down for its own good.

    • true! well family guy still has the ratings, thats probably the only reason they are still on. but over all its gotten really really boring indeed. i hate it when it becomes clear what formula a show follows... and every episode is the same!
      south park is just really really clever!

  • I got tired of south park around 10 years ago, I got tired of family guy around 2 years ago, shit loses it's edge and just becomes the same shit over and over. I haven't found a replacement.