Is there any point in trying to win an argument against a woman?

I seriously think that most (if not all) of them bring up emotions once they start losing. My father and his mother argue all the time. Whenever my father points out the flaw using logic, his mother completely ignores him or tries to get away...


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  • I know exactly what you mean. Having an argument with a typical woman is like playing chess with a player who will flip the board when they lose or don't understand.

    I've had this problem many many times with my mother, sister and girlfriends.
    Women tend to think emotionally rather than logically. So the absolute best thing you can do is to be completely relaxed, and explain your logic for them, detail by detail until they understand what you mean.

    It is VERY IMPORTANT that you EXPLAIN EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. Otherwise they will not understand and continue to yell out their emotions until you give up out of pure exhaustion.


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  • Most women in general are emotional and there's no arguing with emotions because emotions are completely illogical. So this pretty much goes for arguing with ANY emotional person---you can't. You're completely wasting your time trying to having a rational disagreement with any emotional human being.

    There ARE some women who are logical, though, not all women are predominantly emotional.

  • Nope! We will always win.


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  • Just because you don't understand a person's logic, doesn't mean it's illogical. Just because a person is emotional, doesn't mean they are being illogical. Just because a person isn't acting emotional, doesn't mean they are being logical.

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  • Emotionally manipulate a woman in order to win an argument. Only use logic when against men.

  • There is usually a different approach to arguments but I don't think that either is more right than the other.

  • uh-oh... dude... hope u won't b a future misogynist :-/

    we don't argue with gals... we respect em.. yo 8)

    • nah, I won't, I just had an argument with my sister and she just put up a ton of nonsense until I left.

    • u should give her a smile instead 8)

    • I said nicely: can you please do this? and she said yes

  • Yes of course there is way to win an argument against a woman; i personally say; 'oh you are right' and problem solves ;)

  • When they don't say nothing its because they are pissed. I really don't think so not in the end of it. I've have seen women do some fucked up things man.

  • If a woman starts arguing, don't argue back, that just gives her the conflict she wants. Instead, treat her either like a small child, ignore her outright, or treat her so outrageously shitty that she will never want to argue with you again. Then when she gets control of herself, treat her like an adult and talk with her. Rinse and repeat.