What does a resume has to have to be able to turn it in to apply for jobs?


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  • Objective, contact information, education, major skills, references, work experience

    • Like how do you say you on the process to graduating or in school i have not yet got my highschool diploma.

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  • You'll probably have to tailor your resume for each job to which you apply. It should have the basic information, like your education, qualifications, and skills/competencies that might set you apart. Do you have any special certifications - CPR, commercial driver's license, secret security clearance, etc? Are you skilled with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc? Do you speak any foreign languages

    In your work history, you'll want to include any awards or recognitions you've had, as well as innovations, contributions to process improvement, etc. Have you been in charge of people? How many? Were you accountable for equipment? What was the dollar value of it all? How many transactions, shipments, samples, etc. did you process/move on an average day? How many customers did you serve? What was your daily sales volume? Did you have any special roles or were you on any committees? For example, I have a friend who was an MP in the Army. His additional role was traffic scene investigator.

    Also, add volunteer experience. Indicate leadership positions and the responsibilities you may have had (unless it focused on controversial/divisive topics like abortion, gay marriage, etc.).

    Again, you'll have to tailor it for each application. Certain skills might be more marketable than others.

    • Also, DO NOT use phrases like "other duties/responsibilities as assigned". That's way too vague. Some prospective employers might think that you're too lazy to tell them more about your work.

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  • Your contact info otherwise you'll never hear from them again...

  • your past jobs.

    • what about if you haven't had a job before?