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We live in a tough world where people often don't understand or care about your problems.

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Maybe you just want someone to say "I care."

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I have six days of school left. I had the most homework tonight that I remember having all schoolyear. My eighth grade friends (and boyfriend) are graduating soon. They'll be going to high school and I won't see most of them at all until the next schoolyear. My parents are annoying... I should stop right there.

    • Just think, you'll get time off from school soon, and all that pressure will just go away. Enjoy the summer! :)

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    • I bet if you can think to yourself "what's one simple, really cool thing I can do today" and then do it, you'll have an awesome summer, even if you occasionally don't get along with your mom. Try it! :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Lol I feel like shit, the end.

    • You can't fee bad with a picture like that! I see that smile... :)

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    • Yeah eventually.

    • Thanks for the MHO.

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  • Uuuuh ok I'll vent I guess

    I want this school semester to end all ready so that I can be free.

    Today was extremely busy at work because it rained and whenever it rains a shit ton of people go to my work to eat... I have no idea why... but it always happens.


    • You're so close to finishing the school year, the finish line is in sight. You can make it!

      It can be stressful to have so many people come in at once, but those rainy days help make up for the slow days so you can ultimately get paid. Just think of how nice it will be to get that check!

    • Rough day.

  • Yup I agree with you. Venting does solve quite a few problems if you realize them while you are venting. Why it that my mom thinks I have to be dainty? I hate being that so why is she having me act like something I'm not. I'm a moderate tomboy at times. but I fucking hate being called dainty and defenseless. XP

  • I've got a therapist for that man.

    • It's a great thing that you try to take care of yourself :)

  • I have to do this insane project and want it to sound similar to a FTP song. It's just not happening and it's due in 2 weeks. I'm freaking out, halfway done, and it doesn't sound bad but in a school full of beat makers I realize how much it sucks.

    • We all start somewhere--the fact you are trying something so difficult and creative is praiseworthy. Maybe it won't be the best FTP song ever written. But it will be the best one YOU'VE written, so why compare yourself to others? They've been doing it longer, so of course they'll be further along. Keep your chin up and be proud you learned how to do something new and cool! :)

    • Wow, thanks!:D

  • Why is that my mum thinks that just because I am a girl so I have to do all the chores, serve food to my brother while all he ever do is order me around why is that even after I turned 17 she still has right to beat me when I raise my voice against her while my brother can scream anything and remain unscratched.

    • That's a very rough situation and one you definitely want to get out of as soon as you are able to. It is unfair, and it isn't right.

      But I'd offer that if you stay strong and keep your chin up, you'll know how to be tougher and more resilient than almost anyone you ever meet. Imagine if you turn that resilience and toughness into good use, such as by starting your own business! I bet you'd kick ass! :)

      Keep strong, get out as soon as you can, and show the world you don't need to take crap :)

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    • Wow a mean mom and brother!

    • Mean that they are but still they are my mum and brother I can't change the fact.

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