Legal question: My grandfather 83 years old was charged with Failure to yield right of way causing serious bodily injury?

He Pulled out in front of a motorcycle on a 4 lane highway. The motorcycle hit the van we were in. The motorcycle which was a 2008 Harley valued at $10,000 was damaged. The driver suffered life threatening injuries. He is stable now. But has had surgeries and a helicopter took him to a trauma center. He has liability insurance. $25,000 to help pay the mortorcyclists damages and medical. What will the penalties possibly be for my grandfather? Fine? Loss of license? Possible Jail time? And, Is it likely he may get sued? I was a passenger in the van as well. I did suffer a minor cut and was taken to the hospital for a tetanus shot. Is it possible his insurance may help pay for my medical bills as well?

Just curious: What would have happened if the guy were to have died of his injuries? Would the penalty be stiffer?


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  • Fine, he may get sued if he has a lot of assets. You need to see what the insurance limits are. Jail time is unlikely if he has a valid license and insurance.


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  • Not too sure. I live in Canada and all that shit is free :-) you grandfather could get sued... I can't see jail time though.

    • Me either, not at 83 years old

    • He'll get sued for all the expenses plus more probably. Especially if the biker can't physically so much anymore. Was your grandfather entering on to the highway when it happened?

    • yes, coming out of a right turn lane trying to make a left

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  • Def sued but no jail time will prob lose license because of age