How do you deal with people that can't self reflect?

So i have always know she was insecure, but i didn't really say or do anything about it because i was very insecure myself. After self reflecting and gaining a lot confidence after i moved i realised that i can't be friends with her because she first of all is only going to drag me down and secondly she doesn't really realise what and why she does things.

Everyone, or alt least me any my sister (they are also friends), are selfish, unreational and overreacting when or if we disagree with her behavior. She keeps telling me im selfish for the smallest things, like not bothering to go to the shop with her, and she tells me she's only joking. But she always uses it as an argument, so a part of her actually means it. And if i do something its terrible, but if she does the same fucking thing its always a really good reason and we shouldn't judge her.

And if she does something and i complain about it i'm always overheating and i should have known that she doesn't mean it. And you can't forget all the guys, and how she need validation from guys.

Im not perfect, but at least i have realised it and im working on it.. she really doesn't have the capability to selfreflect.. so how do you deal with people like that? you really can't talk to someone like that.. im pretty sure if i do bring it up she is going to tell me im "attacking her" or "overrreacting"?


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  • You drop them like a brick. Sorry but people who can't do that are obnoxious to be around.

    • so you dont think its any point of telling her how i feel and then just see what happens? i mean if she refuses to do anything about it ofc ishould drop her.. but im not 100% sure if she's going to react in a bad way

    • You can always try but such people can be very thick-headed. Try it.


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  • People like that just simply can't take responsibility for their actions, so they put the blame on other people to make themselves feel better. People like that are toxic, and in my opinion not worth having around.


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  • Just let her be.