Is it weird if a gamer despises most of video-game music? Also is it weird if he plays his own music instead of games original music?

Although there’s some video-game music I like…. most of it sounds crap in my opinion. They r boring instrumental songs, dat they make u fall asleep most of time…bleh :-/

So…. wot I do is turn off TV’s sound and play my own music I like, when I play games… (yup…u guessed right..80s new wave/synth-pop mostly :-P )

Some people believe I “destroy” the game if I turn-off original music…but wot do u believe?

  • Yes bro, this music was designed for this game…. u have to tolerate it, otherwise u destroy the game. 8)
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  • No u don’t…. enjoy the music u like most ^_^
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  • really? That is pretty weird honestly :/ what kinda games do you play?

    • currently not... but i play suikoden, mortal kombat, tekken, etc :-)

    • LOLL thanks for mho

      ohhh okay. I understand with the fighting games, thats different. I wouldn't want to listen to different music with my SHMUPs (and I listen to their music when not playing too a lot as well!) but I can see why you would w/ fighting games n such :)

    • not only with fightin... but with RPGs as well... i'm a fan of 80s new wave/synth-pop music... i cannot help it :-P

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What Girls Said 5

  • I believe that you are way too obsessed with 80's music, Phil.

    • yup... and i'm proud bout it... a healthy obsession 8)

  • Nope sometimes i will play the soundtrack from one game while playing a completely different game and go into the options menu and turn the music off so i can only hear the music im playing on my phone while on my console lol. I usually like the music in video games originally, but sometimes i want to hear something different. You're perfectly normal dude :D

  • No it isn't

  • It really depends, I don't think you could do that while playing GTA I like to listen to random peoples dialogue As well

  • I live my whole life to my own playlists lol


What Guys Said 2

  • I hate most of the music from games and have my tablet playing my own music.

  • Your choice, your life...