I had a crush on a guy and now he has a crush on me?

I had a crush on this guy for basically no reason about 6 months ago. Then on my birthday someone that I knew told him that I wanted his number and my face instantly turned red and then I realized I didn't like almost anything about him and I had no idea why I was crushing on him. He didn't even know it was by bithday and I felt as though that ruined my day because it was one more thing to worry about. He didn't approach me after winter break and I never approach him. But I have noticed he stares at me and hits the back of my chair to get my attention. I am not into him whatsoever and I have no idea what to say to him, do you think he gets the message I don't like him after 6 months of not talking to him?


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  • No he doesn't... He likes u and thinks u do too... tell him clearly


What Girls Said 1

  • Just tell him that you don't like him.

    • But the only problem with that is the fact that I am very shy and it will be very awkward.