Do You Think Evil Thoughts Sometimes?

This may be a very strange question, bit I am curious. I mean, we are all good people and we would never actually harm anyone... but do you sometimes get random evil thoughts?

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I go to church daily, and my pastor says that everyone thinks evil thoughts or has evil thoughts sometimes... what separates the good from the bad is whether or not people choose to carry out or act upon those thoughts, which most of society (the morally conscious) do not/


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What Girls Said 3

  • Yes, all the time, some times I wish I had the power to take over the world or can blow up People with my mind 😏

  • Of course. There's a bitch I'd like to run the fuck over... but carrying that out would mean I would have to kill myself because the guilt would eat me alive.

  • Yes, I do sometimes. I also have thoughts of destruction.


What Guys Said 3

  • Yeah, intrusive thoughts are a bitch.
    Sometimes when I'm talking with someone and I just feel like punching them, just for the heck of it. And they're not even people I dislike.
    Also sometimes as someone going through a rough time financially I think I should just become a criminal. Rob banks, etc. I'd probably be good at it :P

    • I do the same thing sometimes... like the punching thing... and it pisses me off, because I would never do that to someone!

    • After reading your update I agree with your pastor.
      I'm atheist myself, so religion doesn't really come into it for me, but I do agree.

  • Yeah. But this was especially bad while I was depressed. Suicide, hating humanity and people who were more successful and prettier to me. I also thought about how easily a human life can be ended just like that. It only takes one bullet or a knife wound and everything - literally everything - you worked for is gone. I also got a bit giddy whenever an awful disaster happened. While I was depressed I simply couldn't relate to the suffering...

    I'm not that person anymore though, thank God.

  • All the time. I'm having evil thoughts right now.