Male and female student in California have sex while both of them were extremely drunk and consented. Guess who gets kicked out of school and?

Who doesn't? (this case is old 2013 but I still wanted to bring it up) Despite text messages exchanged by the students, the guy is the only one that gets kicked out of school. California passes a "Yes means yes" law and while the law "claims" its to protect both genders, those with common sense will know its not. Maybe its time for all schools to be either all male or all female. That will not solve the whole thing, but it will help a lot. So men I don't care if she got naked and spread here legs, if she doesn't say yes, you could be arrested for assualt if she changes her mind during or after sex. Here's the article about the students


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  • that's so not fair!


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  • Is there a longer article? How would anyone have found out if she didn't report it?
    Did someone else tell on them?
    Is there a 'read more'button somewhere that I didn't see?

  • Same if the girl is under 18 and says yes it's statutory rape but I don't care I told them that 1000s of time my boyfriend didn't rape me I wanted it


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  • So you're saying an injustice occurred?


    • That thirsty for 1 xper point?

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    • Go ahead and get your white knight on.

    • Freaking knew it. LOL.