How to learn to swim by myself?

i will go on vacation soon and there will be a sea and pools and i can't swim without life jacket...
how cn i learn to swim on my own?


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  • dont laugh ok i know its crazy... i learnt to swim in a pond nearby my town. me and my friends used to stuck a big thermocol in our big underwear and then we dont drown and push ourself in water making strokes.. and also drown our head constantly in water and try to have a quick breath taking it out and then got perfect ourselves to swim for long distance... people say us fool... but now it fire their ass when we swim with girls in pool and the are standing outside with a weirdo smile on their shitfaces.


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  • I wasn't able to learn it myself. Nor my dad was able to teach me, I was always drowning.
    Only at proper swimming lessons at public pool they was able to teach me.
    Of course it's possible to write here all the steps they took, but I don't how it is effective would be.


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    • ok, thanks, then i have to take lessons?
      and before it should i swim then only in life jacket, i will look weird, lol

    • I would highly recommend lessons or with a friend who is a confident swimmer and only learn in a pool, do not even think about learning to swim in the ocean.
      And yeah, I think that's a great idea, life jacket may llook stupid but its called a life jacket for a reason and if shit hits the fan, you want that on, so for the first few go's and until you get the hang of it, use a jacket, then have a go (in no too deep water and not alone) without it

      Good luck :)
      I wish you all the best :D

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  • If you want to learn then the shallows of the sea would be good, but having someone who knows you can't swim just keep an eye on you would be a very wise idea. It's very easy to paddle out just a little too deep and then when you realise you will panic, and then you'll flap and possibly not be able to swim or stay afloat. Can't you get a really handsome lifeguard to teach you? ;)

  • No! Don't do it! There's a progressiom that someone will teach you and you need EVERY step in order to be able to swim..

    You need to learn how to float, glide, kick, swim with your arms, how to stand back up from tummy to back or back to tummy.. Then we'll teach you the arms technique and then put it all together.

    That's what I teach to my adults... You need to take lessons!!

    From a swimming instructor.

  • Videos and swimming tips

  • I wouldn't suggest that.
    You need someone else to help you out in order to increase your swimming skill properly.