Game of thrones fans, are you dissapointed with the sand snakes thus far?

they just do not live up to the badassery of their book counterparts and are super cliche. just more characters the show has dropped the ball with...


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  • I'm a bit disappointed with the sand snakes so far; they're definitely not as awesome as they are in the books. I'd hoped that Obara would be cast better, but that wasn't really a major thing. I wasn't disappointed with their first scene, as many people seemed to be, but the scene with Myrcella definitely disappointed me. I was hoping for a depiction that better represented their characters. They just didn't live up to how badass they were in the books, and I hope the writers change their attitude to the sand snakes in the next episodes.

    But what I'm more disappointed with is Sansa's storyline. She's developing so well in the books, and I thought the show was going to take her in the right direction in terms of her character development, even if she's not in the right place. That scene in yesterday's episode with Myranda seemed like she was finally learning to stand up to people. I've loved that the show is different from the books in certain ways, because it keeps things fresh. But I'm just so annoyed and I think it's completely unnecessary that she's basically taking Jeyne's storyline. I had huge hopes for Sansa, and I don't want her character development to be stunted like this.

    • i think the show writers wrote themselves into a corner with sansa. they want to develop her character like in the books but are very limited in doing so now since they have her playing the part of the extremely helpless jane. it seems they're still trying though like what you said about her standing up to miranda but i'm guessing developing sansa's character/storyline isn't first on their minds.

      on a side note, did you find ridiculous how easily jaime and bronn got into sunspear? LOL

    • I just think that if they're deviating that much, they might as well keep Sansa's development going and have her lead a revolt against the Boltons from within to help Stannis win back Winterfell or something. I just want Sansa to have a happy ending she's already gone through so much.

      And yup, absolutely ridiculous. Surely the fact that they're wearing Dornish armour whilst being clearly NOT Dornish should have raised some alarm bells BEFORE they got into the water gardens.

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  • I'm more disappointed that they left the sexual assault in there for sansa after switching her place in the book.

    • that was a stupid move and i don't get it. maybe in next week's episode it will turn out that ramsey hasn't actually penetrated sansa yet and somebody comes in to save her before he has a chance... maybe brienne and pod. as we saw on last night's episode, it's very easy for outsiders to get inside castles uninvited.

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    • are you more dissapointed with the fact that sansa still has her virginity in the books but (possibly) not in the show, or that she is losing her virginity through being raped?

    • The rape. That was pretty fucked up, I figured it was pretty much time for her to get some (seeing how everyone else is in the show), plus might get to see Sophie Turner naked.

  • nope... i liked it actually :-P

  • yeah i thought they were pretty disappointing. I didn't read the books, but they fought so poorly =/

  • They should change this show to game of rape.