Someone called me a redbone. ?

I kinda know what it is but I'm not sure. . But I was called that today. Can someone explain to me what exactly a "redbone" is.

I'm a black female by the way.


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  • Okay this is the real, real deal folks.

    Redbone, the correct terminology, is a black person who has red undertones in their hair and skin. Usually light or light caramel but not always. They just have reddish hair and skin.

    BUT!!! It's NOW used to describe a particular look that occurs in African Americans. Each culture has their own term for this look. In Cuba its: 'Haba' or 'mulatto'. Usually light light complexion.

    However, The term TODAY, is used in Black culture for any light, super high yellow girl/woman, mulatto looking woman who is Black (Not Latina, etc). If she is mixed, but still looks traditionally black and mixed w/white (Not the Asian and Black look) she may still be called redbone, but its used to describe a Black Woman (who can HAVE 2 black parents) who happens to be extremely light.

    You can call a guy "redbone" too but its been used so much to describe light skinned women that it wouldn't be used quite right in everyday vernacular, although technically you'd be right. Nowadays it has too many sexual overtones for light light women.

    Term is used heavily in the south.


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  • Redbone is used to describe a black women who is very light skinned.

    When I say light skin I don't mean like Beyonce's skin color, but somewhat similar to the complexion of a mixed person like that Disney star Zendaya.

    • I believe I'm darker then her. What u described is a yellow bone.

    • I live down in the South (Florida) and down here I have never heard the term yellow bone used before. Usually when a light skinned person ranging from Zendaya to Alicia Keys' color walk into a room they're simply called redbone.

      Well at least that's how it is down here.

    • Oh well I'm not that far down south

  • I think it is a reference to mixed race

  • It means light skin girl


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  • Wtf does that even mean

    • That's what I just asked.

  • I think they're just calling you light skinned. My cousin has that nickname too.

  • It means you looked mixed, like your not fully one race

  • A light skinned female that is white and/or mixed with another race.

    • I'm not mixed.

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    • @asker

      Well we don't know you're not mixed.

    • Oh well they got the wrong term for me then.