In terms of acting ability, has Hollywood hit a new low?

The latest blockbusters feature a level of acting that wouldn't make most high school drama productions. The females are almost universally just there to take their clothes off, the guys are so wooden it's almost funny.


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  • Moves are reflection of the societies. Producers make what sells

  • I agree. It's more and more about who's eye candy than it is about acting. Thankfully there's still some fantastic director's, actors and writers out there! Great films are becoming less and less.


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  • Depends on which movies you're seeing. If you are limiting yourself to watching Asylum films, then yes, you're going to get bad acting. Those actors get paid the shells of peanuts for their work, and they put in a performance equal to that.

    If you are watching sex comedies, then you're asking for it. Limit your selections to religious films (not all of them suck) and Marvel/DC. Or something the equivalent of those. Avoid most of Selena Gomez's crap.

    Now that better camera equipment and what-not are possible, and better CGI, producers get lazy on the writing end. They want cheap writers so they can focus on getting shots fast and getting in-and-out.

    Bad writing will make even good actors look bad. Bad music production will only exacerbate this.

  • I think it is at an all time low. I used to see two movies every Friday and Sat night for years at a time at the Theater and now I hardly go because there is not much out there. They make to many remakes as well, they have run out of Ideas

    • I think in these economic times, companies are not willing to take risks on possibly creating a new franchise!

      They would rather "play it safe" nd go with a proven franchise, or a remake of a widely accepted classic.