Why does this guy keep telling people I'm in his group?

Alright there's this guy in my 10th grade history class and everyone already chose their groups so the teacher put me in his group. I heard him telling his other friends that I was in HIS group even though they didn't ask. He just randomly tells them this. like why is he telling people I'm working in his group? I don't think his friends care whether I'm working in his group or not. Does he want people to think we are friends or something?


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  • oh well... guess he's tryin to find ways to piss u off!

    • I don't know I would be his friend if that's the reason why but I don't know why he keeps telling random people I'm in his group loo

    • lol **


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  • I have honestly no idea who you are, maybe you're popular and he's trying to show off, but I don't think that's the case xD
    To me he sounds like he's feeling 'boss', bossy person
    I find it dull


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  • I think he does.

    • Do you think he wants to be friends?