Do people get notifications from someone on Twitter if that person isn't following them?

I worded the question weird, but im one of those shy awkward people that looks at their crush on twitter but isn't following them. I think, not 100% sure though, that i favorited something she retweet directly off her profile, and im pretty sure I've gotten a notification before when someone favorited something i retweet. So did i seriously dun-goof by doing that... did she get a notification from someone that wasn't following her, or would you only get a notification if the person was following you


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  • it depends on your settings.

    • Where do i look to change this

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  • unfortunately it happens... at least in my case... fuck em, i follow GAG only in twitter >:-(

    • So was that a yes they do get a notification... fuck lol if so I've never seen her look at me weird so maybe im good...