Am I going insane?

So, there's this guy, and i'm going insane wanting to know if he likes me or not (he rides my bus) and he has been looking at me a lot often everytime i walk past by him (i end up smiling uncontrollably; probably awkward) I don't know if he likes me, or he just looks at me cause i'm ugly?


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  • If he looks at you it doesn't necessarily mean anything. It doesn't necessarily mean he finds you attractive, but it doesn't necessarily mean he finds you ugly either. If he feels comfortable around you, he may just look at you for no reason. I sometimes do that to my friends. But anyway, do you talk to him a lot?

    • I haven't said a word yet, I was attempting to but i chicken out. I mean. He listens to music but usually he can eavesdrop conversation? sooo... I don't know.

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    • No, hang out with people thatll get you closer to the guy you like, that way you can get more comfortable with HIM.

    • I don't know what to say, I'm not used to talking to guys...

  • if he's just a random passenger... guess u cannot approach him easily :)

    • Not only on the bus...

  • i doubt you are ugly and if you were insane... you wouldn't be asking this question. he looks at you... i think he likes you

    please answer my question:

  • Does he smile at you when he looks at you?

    • I think he kinda grins I'm not sure?

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    • He is happy to see you

    • That makes sense with him looking at me constantly everytime i see him in the hallways, and the he usually sits in front on the bus and now he kind sits two seats behind me where i'm with my friends and probably eavesdrops. And also probably why... when the bus stops he usually goes ahead of all of us and he kinda stops next to me and my friend... then goes ahead? I don't know I may have to gather more clues.

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  • Why don't you ask him?

    • No, that makes things more awkward.