Black people, if you have been discriminated against, share your story?


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  • It's a little odd to ask people who are discriminated against on an institutional level to "share their stories".

    Because it's kind of... y'know, part of their everyday life.

    • Your comment is a little odd. I can't make heads or tails of it.

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    • 'fraid not, sweetheart. If I was, I'd be hammering away at my keyboard explaining away the little nuggets of social knowlegde that I've collected for the sole purpose of making you look like a twat.

      I thought you might be familiar with the subject based on the topic. You're not, and that's fine.

    • Oh so kind of like what you are doing right now, huh?

  • A group of random dudes and I were going to play a pick up game of basketball. I was the only white guy. I was picked last.
    Joke was on them, I was only the 2nd worst guy there.

  • Im White and have been discriminated against...

  • Oh here we go. Pity party time

    • Funny how you had to do that anonymously. Fuck off. She's probabably just curious

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    • In the history of mankind both black and white people have been discriminated against but who wants to get all depressed and dig up "they said to me" "they did to me" miserable stories from the past? People should just get over it and move on. We all need to learn to live with each other and stop dwelling on the past

    • Exactly.

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