Auction carss? any thoughts about them?

So i maybe buying some copart cars and fixin them up just a bit and selling them. anyone had problems with auction cars?


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  • Normally people bid on the cars without viewing them. You have the ability to go do that beforehand, so make sure you do that. Other then that and the work that will be involved in it, have fun.

    • i went and checked out a couple yesterday ( to the yard ) .. started them and tested them out and all that, they seemed fine.

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    • yes. and thanks for not allowing me to message u so i can know who u are!!!


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  • Yes. A lot of them are flood cars and some have been in accidents. Any of these will have issues on their titles. Make sure there are titles and that the title doesn't list the car as totaled. If it does, you will have a hard time selling it. There are a lot of sites on the web where you can get the title info.

    There are some great cars out there. The vintage cars are the best to fix up but the buyers will be more demanding. The upside is that you can often find them in the local papers and ads for a lot less than their salvage value, even.

    Online, most of the good deals are flood cars.
    (I'm an engineer... I like cars...)

    • I'm insane with love with them... Ur the first girl I've seen that likes them.

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    • There was a Ferrari spider needing repair that I saw on the web the other day.

    • Yeah. There was a couple farraris but working on hem is a pain in the ass with all the special tools they've got

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  • If you wanna do this bid on ones that are cheap to fix. Craigslist is pretty good for parts cars if you end up needing them. You can only sell so many in a year before they'll make you get a license for it. If you have an android you can look up just in case parts cars while you're there