She asked "Why should I go out with you?" Did I reply with right stuff?

I asked this girl out and she said "why should I go out with you?" And I replied "well I know I'm not good looking but I'm kind and have a good personality, I'm a trusted person" to which she said "I'll think about it"

did I say the correct stuff or was she probably expecting something different? The think about it makes me think it's basically a no.


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  • It was completely a No.

    No, that wasn't the right response. If a girl asks you a question like that, she's basically saying "you're a pathetic little worm, why are you making me look bad by talking to me." She is NOT asking you to actually qualify yourself (which only makes her judgement of you seem MORE correct--NEVER qualify yourself to ANYONE).

    What you should have done was act mildly shocked, started laughing, and walked off. At that point, you are saying she is absolutely wrong about you. So one of two thing will happen. She'll reconsider her assessment and perhaps speak to you later (and perhaps something can still happen with both of you), or (and more likely), you two will never talk again, but your dignity will be intact.


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  • sounds ironic to me... personally i'd avoid her :/

  • I think you gave correct response.

  • She's not worth your effort bro. It sounds like you both have some maturing to do.

    • Both? What have I done to mature myself?