Fallowing my dreams, can I do it?

Ok so bare with me here. Ever since I was a little kids, I've wanted to make make video games.

I've taken all classes in my high school that deal with it, I've kept up with the news, and etc.

But I live in OHIO. There is literally nothing to do with Video Games in the state, save for some courses in college. The closest one is up north. In CANADA!

And most of them are in California, so as you can guess I'm really stressed about this.

I I want advice on what the heck I should do. If you have any.


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  • Can you do it?

    Statistically, no. You're probably going to fail. BUT -- unlike almost every other crazy creative dream that goes nowhere, learning to make video games involves learning very valuable computer skills.

    You don't need you video game courses, you need programming skills or level building skills. If you can have those, you can make your own games or otherwise market yourself. Again, statistically you will probably not succeed. However 1) you might 2) it makes for a great creative outlet 3) you will have a reasonable path to financial security.

    • What do you mean by statistically?

    • I mean the odds are against you. X number of people will try to do this thing, only a small percentage will succeed.

      But like I said, unlike writing a novel or starting a band, trying to make videogames involves learning some valuable skills. If it's your dream, do it. The RPG Maker can teach you a lot if you're completely new... if you have some computer logic under your belt, the big programs now are C# or ++, Java and Objective C. Doesn't really matter which one though, the logic you have to learn is roughly the same.

    • So your saying they won't just let anyone into a company like that just because they like their games. Of course I know that, but that's why I plan to take collage classes based around graphic animation and such.

      I probably should have mentioned that though, my bad.


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  • Create an LinkedIn account and look for people who are in the career... my friend wanted to work for national geographic and she went LinkedIn and reached out to one of the writers there and she got an interview on the spot and great advice from them. Sometimes its just connecting to someone who's already there they would know more than i would. Try finding someone who's from ohio or surrounding areas who are in the field and see what steps they took to get where they are now. Hope i helped

  • You should move then.

  • Go to Canada then.


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  • better always follow yer dreams bro...

    i gues u could move out to cali.. no?