What book should I write first and would you read any of these books?

okay me and my fiancee both wanna write a book that is desgnied for autistic people to help them with dating and approaching people and learn to ask them out and learn how to get romantic realtionships and keep them and also learn how to make friends and keep a job. we are actually me and my fiancee are speaking at an autistic support group today and giving them advice on how to get and keep romantic realtionships. and my fiancee is looking to write a childrens book story about our love story and she is also planning on writing a book designed for girls about dating an autisitc person. now my second book is about my story of how i lost over a 150 pounds and i give tips on how to lose weight and what you should eat and what kind of excercises to do and how to avoid gaining weight so which book should i write first any ideas


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  • if u write a book bout 80s synth-pop i'd read it 8)

  • As an aspie, I'd really want the first one.