Please help im home alone and scared what shall I do?

so, my mum and sis and cousins went to the park but i didn't want to go so i stayed by myself even though im not supposed to. ITs 10 o clock and theyve not come back, my mum said that she was round a friends and wouldn't come home late. Though we all have school in the morning. Anyway yh because im not supposed to be by myself i can't put the tv on nor the lights. Its baisically pitch black and there are no curtains in any bedrooms, i can't find my phone, my laptops gonna die soo and my mum said her phone was gonna die soon. I dont know what to do i dont know where she is or anything and i am just really scared. The other day a guy came round climbing through my bedroom window at 3 o clock and i dont know what to do. I can't wath any films because my headphones dont work

Though the creepiest thing is there are no curtains in any rooms except my mothers


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  • Did you draw Zoella?

  • what the hell, no guy ever climbs in my window... i somehow doubt they are still at the park..

  • LOL a guy climbed through your bedroom? What the hell?
    I guess you should charge your laptop, and message them or something?

    • yeah, he wanted a place to stay so he didn't have to go to court. i can't find my charger and my mum won't answer and neither will her friend

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    • it was my mums ex and everything is locked

    • Thank goodness! No need to be scared then
      You better tell your mom to text you next time when she'll be home later than usual cause you're worried

  • There is no law in the UK on being alone at any age. Turn stuff on! :D

    • no because my mums getting evicted because next doors a right bitch and one of the reasons is cuz i was by myself

    • I don't think they can evict you for that...

    • well its one of the reasons anyway other r cuz they are lies or over exaggerations or the early past

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